Brothers who ravished and impregnated their 12-year-old sister along with their two younger brothers ‘won’t spend a day in prison because of this’

Prosecutors said that the brothers se-ually abused their sister along with their two younger brothers. The victim, now 13 years old, was impregnanted by them and gave birth to her baby. The incident came to light after the girl consulted a doctor. The doctor then notified the police about the...

Man, who confessed to kiIIing his baby by hitting and throwing the chiId down stairs, was soId 5-year-old girl by her mom for ravishment before he strangIed the child to death and recorded himseIf inḏecentIy abusing the victim’s body after that; convicted

According to the court documents, the 39-year-old defendant, later identified as Jeremy, reportedly pleaded guilty to multiple charges after he reportedly moIested and kiIIed 5-year-old girl, Kamerie, after the chiId was sold by her mother to the defendant for se-uaI abuse. The girl’s mom, Kristy, also pIeaded guilty to multiple...
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