5 Year Old Tells Mom He Has An ‘Identical Twin’ At School, She Breaks Down When She Sees DNA Result

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Dedicated to providing her 8-year-old son, Luke, with the best life possible, Janice was a hardworking single mother. Having grown up in a small Wisconsin town, life was simple and predictable for them in their little house. Her daily routine included waking up early, preparing Luke for school, and then heading to the bookstore.

She sensed an unusual excitement in Luke’s voice as he burst through the front door one sunny afternoon. Eagerly awaiting his return from school, she heard him cry, “Mom, mom!” He could barely contain his excitement. “Guess what? I have an identical twin!” A beat skipped through Janice’s body. She was shocked by what she heard. With excitement in his eyes, Luke nodded earnestly. “I met him at school today. We look exactly alike, mom.” She smiled and ruffled Luke’s hair gently as she attempted to suppress her own excitement. “Sweetheart, that’s amazing, but are you……Read Full Story Here…………………….

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