81-year-old grandfather was laughed at in the police station, but when they saw the Photo of They Were Shocked

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The neighbors were being noisy all night again. Peter knocked on their door a couple of times but got no response. It seemed like they were getting even louder. The woman who lived in the apartment was laughing, a man’s voice muttered, and then there was more music.

Peter struggled to get out of bed, his feet shuffling like a robot. He went out onto the landing and rang the doorbell next door.

“What do you want, old man?” a young woman with colorful makeup asked, peering out the partially open door.

“Linda, it’s two in the morning,” said Peter wearily. “I can’t sleep because of the noise.”

“He can’t sleep,” Linda grinned and shouted to the men in the apartment. “Listen, Alex, the old man……Read Full Story Here……..

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