A 70-year-old woman marries a young man. But, he had no idea of what she was capable of doing

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Young Lucas decides to cheat in order to get all the money from a wealthy lady by marrying her. However, he underestimated the lady and didn’t believe in the harsh lessons she would teach him upon discovering his secret.

Lucas was a young man who disliked working. He had always relied on his parents to pay his bills, but the couple realized that their son would stay there forever if they let him. So, they forced the young man to find a job and live on his own.

With great effort from his parents, Lucas managed to get a job at a cafe. He treated customers unkindly and was consistently late. He was unhappy in his heart and hated the life he led because he liked money to buy expensive things, but his pockets were always empty. Lucas didn’t want to…….Read Full Story Here…………..

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