A Girl Rushed Out Of McDonald’s Bathroom Crying, Then Her Mom Saw Something Wrong On Her Legs-

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It was supposed to be a fun mother-daughter outing for 4-year-old Kayla and mom Nicole on New Year’s Day.

They were looking forward to spending some quality time together after the holidays and decided to hit up the park and grab treats from Kayla’s favorite fast-food restaurant, McDonald’s. Only things didn’t go according to plan that day.

When the pair arrived at the park, they both enjoyed the wintry sunshine, with Nicole spinning Kayla on the roundabout. After she was done there, Kayla ran over to the slides while her mom took a call on her cellphone.

Nicole’s phone call was soon interrupted by Kayla’s crying as she fell from the slide. After Nicole spent some time comforting her, Kayla appeared to be…Read Full Story Here……

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