A Rich Guy Slept With an Old Homeless Woman on a Bet. And When She Took Off Her Wig He Was Left In Shock

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A bunch of young people had a party in a different place. Everyone was happy, surrounded by mountains and the sea. They weren’t scared of anything. At one point, one of the guys boasted that the first girl entering a bar would hug him.

David laughed at his friend’s confidence and suggested a bet. They decided that the loser would have to find, charm, and sleep with a homeless woman. Plus, they had to take a naked picture of her to prove it. David quickly agreed, thinking his friend was drunk and talking nonsense.

It turned out winning the bet wasn’t tough. What girl would hug a very drunk guy right away? The chances were low, and the bet had some interesting consequences.

However, David was too confident and lost the bet. Surprisingly, the first girl did hug his friend, but he knew it would happen because he had invited his girlfriend to the cafe. But, a bet is a bet, and they didn’t set specific rules, so it was fair. His friend also took a risk since another girl might have come before his girlfriend.

The friends started getting David ready for his date the next day to fulfill the bet. He wore dirty clothes because…Read Full Story Here………………….

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