A Woman Who’s Supposed to Be Dead Appeared at Her Own Funeral, Alive and Kicking

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A man discovers a shocking truth when he sees his wife come to pay her respects at her own funeral and follows her to find out why she did it. “Get yourself together, Ted. You can’t fall apart and cry. Not when your son is watching.”

Ted was trying to swallow his emotions and look busy. But as he saw the men lower his beloved wife into the grave, it hit him for the millionth time that day – he was never again going to be able to see her sweet face or hear her honey voice.

Unable to hold his emotions back, Ted let himself fall onto the ground and wept like a child. It had been a week since Mary had lost her life in the senseless car accident. The pain was too fresh, and Ted kept hoping he would suddenly snap out of the most horrid dream.

But everything about that day was real. The people gathered the soil poured onto the coffin, and the endless stream of tears rising in the tired eyes of Rick, Ted’s and Mary’s fifteen-year-old son. As the kind people from close-knit circles of friends and family prepared to leave, they each walked up to the man and his son and tried to say something meaningful and sympathetic before bidding them goodbye.

“Rick, you look awfully tired. Get the driver to take you home, and try to get some rest. I will see you at home in a bit,” Ted kissed his son and sent him away.The man was still listening to the well-intentioned philosophies and advice of people who were leaving when…..Read Full Story Here..…..

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