After His Little Brother’s Death, Boy Starts Disappearing After School until Mom Follows Him

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A young boy struggled with the loss of his little brother, forcing him to grow up sooner than he’d wanted. After his brother’s death, he started going home at strange times, causing his mother to follow him one day to get to the bottom of it. Martin grew up too soon after learning that his little brother Joe had died. It happened two years ago, when Martin was five years old.

His brother Joe had been ill for most of his short life and eventually did not return home from the hospital. His mom, Anna, explained to Martin that Joe had become an angel and was taking care of their family from heaven. Their family now only consisted of Anna and Martin, as Martin’s dad left them shortly after Joe was diagnosed with his illness.

Anna worked tirelessly to provide for her children and raised them bravely as a single mother. Since he was young, Martin would listen to stories about heaven. He knew that heaven was far away, and while his brother flew there with his angel wings, someone needed to……..Read Full Story Here………

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