Angry Wolf Refuses To Move Away From Woman, Then Doctor Looks Closer and Quickly Calls The Cops

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On a day like any other, the hospital staff rallied around to save the life of Lena. However, before they could do anything, they had to get past an angry wolf stopping them from getting close to her. However, when the doctor looked closer, he screamed for the cops.

There was a sense of urgency in the air as the ambulance zipped through the tight evening traffic of the busy town On top of the vehicle was a siren glowing red and blue as its loud peel rang through the air, shyly urging other road users to get out of the way because of the emergency that was on the way.

The driver knew what he was doing as he focused on getting to the hospital at all costs. A life hung in the balance, and the likelihood of the person surviving relied heavily on how soon he could get her to the hospital.

Meanwhile, the paramedics who were also in the ambulance were working hard to save Lena’s life. She had been stabbed multiple times in the stomach, and she had been bleeding a lot before the ambulance had arrived. So far, they had managed to get Lena under control, but that control seemed to be slipping away with every minute they were not at the hospital.

The paramedics were working to make sure Lena didn’t go into shock. As they kept it up, one of the medics noticed something odd when she looked out through the window of the ambulance door. Her mouth fell open in shock as she realized that they were being followed. Even as they were driving fast through the traffic, a wolf was hot on their tails, chasing them with a furious gleam in his eyes. She informed her colleagues about this, and they watched as the wolf chased them doggedly, ignoring other vehicles and keeping the chase.

However, they couldn’t focus on the wolf for too long because Lena needed their assistance urgently. So they focused on keeping the lady alive until they got to the hospital. Eventually, with a squeal of tires, the ambulance swerved into the hospital and pulled up to a halt before the front doors of the hospital. Even as the medic swung the doors of the ambulance open, those of the hospital did the same, and nurses rushed out, pushing a stretcher before them. At once, the medics and the nurses lifted Lena and transferred her onto a stretcher. Then they began to wheel her into the hospital as the medic rattled off everything they knew about her so far.

As the nurses approached the hospital doors, none of them saw the wolf zip through the open doors. It had been so fast that they only noticed it when he was through the doors. At once, people panicked about seeing such a big animal in the hospital, but no one was brave enough to try and chase it out because the wolf looked scary. As the nurses wheeled Lena towards the theater where she got an emergency surgery, the wolf followed them. As the nurses tried to go faster, the animal picked up speed. They became more terrified as they realized they couldn’t get rid of the animal. However, they didn’t stop. They knew that Lena’s life hung in the balance, and so far, the wolf had yet to show any violent tendencies. So they forced themselves to focus on saving Lena.

Finally, they got to the theater, and Lena’s unconscious form was transferred into a bed, and she was prepped for her doctor. The wolf stood guard at her bed, refusing to allow anyone to get close. When the doctor, his name was Jude, came to the theater, he stopped short as he saw the big animal close to the bed. When he learned that no one had been able to separate the wolf from Lena, he realized that this was a case unlike any he had ever seen. When he stepped close to the bed, the wolf sprang to his feet at once and growled at him. This wasn’t good at all because as long as the wolf was stopping them from getting through to Lena, her condition would only get worse.

As Jude kept trying to calm the wolf down, he noticed that there was a tag around the animal’s neck, and it bore the name Guardian. The doctor also noticed that the name tag matched the bracelet that was on Lena’s wrist. That was when they all realized this wasn’t some random wolf that had stumbled into the hospital. Guardian was Lena’s pet.

Jude didn’t know it yet, but Lena and the wolf went way back, and the story of Guardian becoming her pet was one that she didn’t really like to talk about simply because of how painful it was. Lena had found the wolf at a time when she had been at her lowest. She had only just found the strength to break up from her toxic boyfriend Scott. Her relationship with him had been nothing short of torture. It had been full of lies, and he was always trying to put her down and stop her from having a life of her own. He kept telling her that they belonged together and no one would ever love her like he did. For the length of time the relationship lasted, it was a series of psychological and mental torture, and when she couldn’t deal anymore, she left him.

It had not been an easy decision, and just as she expected, it was messy. Scott had refused to let her go. He still believed that they belonged together, and only he knew what was best for her. The first time she tried to leave, he locked her up in the house and went out with the key, leaving her all alone for days. Eventually, she was forced to break the windows and call for help. Neighbors then broke the door down and freed her. At that moment, she swore never to have anything to do with Scott again.

Sadly, Scott still wanted to have a lot to do with her. After she left him, she still wasn’t free of him. He stalked her both physically and online. He kept sending her creepy presents like dolls with chests caved in or dead flowers. He also kept sending her scary messages that said they were the best for each other and nothing was going to come between them. This terrified Lena greatly, and she reported it to the police. Then she went on to file a restraining order against Scott, using the law to block him from her life completely. Even something as simple as a text from him would be illegal and could send him to jail. When it got to this, Scott finally backed off from her.

Lena was now able to breathe more freely, and she didn’t have to be looking over her shoulders anymore or be scared of what the mailman was going to deliver. And as time went on, she became more free with herself and began to explore her area. This was something she didn’t do at all when she was dating Scott because he always restricted her movements. And then after their breakup, she was always terrified of him, and that made her stay indoors. But with the restraining order, she was free to go around without any fear, and that’s what she did. She went for walks on the streets and in the woods. It was during one of such forays into the woods that she found the young wolf.

He had been howling in pain and fear, and that distinct element in the howl was what drew her attention to it. She found out that he had been trapped in a string of wires, and with every move he made, the wires only got tighter and eventually began to cut into his skin. This infuriated Lena because she was sure such things were left behind by hikers who had no regard at all for the safety of the animals that called the woods home. She could see that the wolf was hurting and decided to help her. She lowered herself to her hunches to study the situation. When she did, the wolf growled at her, but it was weak, and the growl itself ended with a sort of whine, showing just how much pain he was in.

At once, Lena set to work on untangling the wires and freeing the wolf. It took about 15 minutes before she was able to pull the leg out of the mess of wires, and the moment he was free, he jumped on her and began to lick her face in appreciation. That was the beginning of their beautiful friendship. Whenever Lena went for a walk in the woods, the wolf was always there to escort her. She followed her, and with him present, she was able to go deeper than she usually did because she knew the wolf would protect her and guide her through the maze of trees. It was because of this she came up with his name Guardian. In truth, the wolf had been a sort of guardian to her all this while.

At first, they met only in the woods when she went for walks. Many times she went to the woods just to hang out with Guardian and nothing else. She realized that she loved spending time with him, and she felt safe when he was around her. As time went on, Guardian began to follow her home, and soon he began to live fully with her, becoming her pet. But then the fact that they lived together didn’t mean that Guardian never returned to the woods. He did it regularly. In fact, at least once a week, he always went to the woods to spend some time. Once in a while, Lena followed him, but when she couldn’t, he went alone.

Things were beautiful between them, and Lena finally had her life back on track. However, all that was destroyed the moment Scott returned to her life. This time around, he didn’t care about the restraining order. At first, he acted contrite and sorry, begging her to forgive him because he didn’t know what he was doing back then. He swore that he had changed. He was going through therapy because he wanted to be better for her. She wished him well and wished him good luck, but she said that she was never going to have anything to do with him ever again because after everything he did to her, she couldn’t risk placing herself in his trap again.

When Scott realized that she wasn’t going to fall for his lies, he dropped all pretenses and became mean to her all over again. He started stalking her and turning up everywhere she frequented. He followed her on her walks and when she went shopping. When she confronted him about it, he simply told her that she belonged to him and no one was going to take her away from him. He knew what was best for her, and he was going to show her that. Eventually, when this kept on happening, Lena reported everything to the police, but it did little to help the situation. Scott was nowhere to be found. It was as if he surfaced only to torment Lena and then vanished into thin air once he was done.

All efforts to find him proved abortive. Meanwhile, he was still sending her creepy emails and presents. One time he even sent her a broken dagger that was stained with sand and what she suspected to be blood. However, when she handed it over to the police and they looked into it, they found it was just syrup. At this point, Lena was extremely happy that Guardian was living with her. She barely let him out of her sight except when he forayed into the woods to spend some time with the other wolves and at night when she slept on the bed, he slept on a rock beside the bed, ears picked up to get the slightest disturbance and jumped to Lena’s rescue at once.

Sadly, when Scott finally came for Elena, Guardian had not been around. He had gone to the woods as usual, and while there, Scott had broken into Lena’s house. He tried to play nice, telling her that he wanted to take her to someplace where both of them would be very happy forever and nothing would come between them. She refused at once and tried to run out of the house, but he grabbed her and then carried her. His plan was to abduct her and take her to where he wanted whether she liked it or not.

However, before he could carry her out, Guardian ran into the house, growling ferociously as he launched himself at Scott. Scott managed to dodge the attack and rush at Lena. Seeing that he wouldn’t be able to take her after all with Guardian around, this particular attack saw him hurting her gravely before Guardian managed to knock him down once more, and Scott then ran away. Even as she lost blood and with her last ounce of strength, Lena made her way through the house as she searched for her phone. Then she called 911 and asked for help before she eventually passed out on her living room floor.

Guardian never left her side as they waited for the ambulance. When it came to the house, he allowed them to carry her, and the moment they zoomed off towards the hospital, he chased. He was so fast that he was able to keep up with them until they got to the hospital. And now, in the theater, Jude, who was about to treat Lena, stared at the wolf. He could see now the animal wasn’t attacking anyone, it was defending instead, albeit aggressively. He realized then that the wolf had a reason to be terrified. Guardian was still scared that Lena would be attacked.

At that, Jude called the cops to the hospital. Then, without fear, he approached Lena’s bed with his nurses. As expected, the wolf gave way and went to sit at the door, his eyes never leaving Lena’s bed. The nurses were terrified about the huge animal in the ward with them, but Jude assured them that it was only on guard duty and nothing was going to happen to them. They had to focus on taking care of Lena and making sure she survived her injuries. They began at once. They worked to seal all her injuries, both internal and external, so her recovery would begin in earnest.

As they went deeper into the surgery, they became engrossed in what they were doing, and pretty soon, they forgot about the wolf that was watching them shrewdly. That was the reason none of them noticed when his ears suddenly stood on end and he sniffed at the air. He looked out through the doors into the white hallway and suddenly jumped up with a growl. The animal dashed across the hallway, his claws striking the tiled floor hard as it bounded forward toward the doctor.

The doctor only had time to turn before Guardian leaped at him and threw his entire weight at the man. Both doctor and wolf went down hard, rolling on the floor as they struggled to get the better of the other. The man kept cursing as he tried to fight off the animal, and Guardian was growling furiously as he sank his teeth into the man’s thigh. As they fought, a knife slipped out of the doctor’s coat and fell to the ground with a loud clatter, as if the sound jarred them back to their senses.

Both of them flew apart and stared at the knife on the ground. It was covered in blood. Guardian stared at the doctor and then growled ferociously, ready to launch another attack. However, the elevator flew open then, and the cops ran into the hallway with their weapons drawn. As the cops saw the doctor, their mouths opened in shock when they realized it wasn’t a doctor, it was Scott. Scott was pretending to be a doctor so he could finish doing to Lena what he had started back at her house.

At once, he was arrested, and his hands were handcuffed behind them as they led him away. He struggled against them and refused to go, forcing them to drag him along. As he was taken, he screamed for them to let him go. He couldn’t leave Lena all alone. No one was to come between them. He wept as he said over and over that Lena belonged to him and no one else.

When normalcy returned to the hospital, Guardian returned to the door of the theater and didn’t leave it until the operation was over. Not long after, Lena regained consciousness, and she heard firsthand from the nurses how Guardian had saved her life. She was so proud of him, and she knew that she owed him her life, a debt that she could never pay. However, she promised herself that no matter what, she would always do right by him. She promised to be a better guardian to him too and treat him better than she used to.

She was in the hospital for a few weeks, and when she finally left, Guardian was right there with her. By then, the story of his bravery had spread through the town like wildfire, and everyone was commending both she and the wolf. As for Scott, he was found guilty on all charges levied against him, and he was sentenced to many years in prison without the possibility of parole. This news gave Lena great joy and satisfaction because now she was sure that Scott was never going to be a problem for her ever again.

After their ordeal, Lena and Guardian became even closer than ever and more inseparable. Guardian still went on his trips to the woods, but this time she went with him. That was when she got to meet his pack. There was nowhere Lena went that she was not seen with Guardian. Together, they were a formidable foe, and if the stories one heard weren’t enough, all it took was one look at them to see that they were not one to be trifled with. And together, they tried to live as happily as they could after everything. They deserved it.

What a beautiful story! Who knew Guardian would go to such lengths to protect Lena? What would you have done in Lena’s shoes?

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