At Husband’s Funeral, Wife Finds A Note In His Casket That Reads, It’s Not What It Seems

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At her husband’s funeral, there was a folded note tucked between the lining and the wooden frame. Curiosity mingled with sadness as Alice retrieved the note with trembling hands. She unfolded it and read its contents. Alice froze. Was she reading this right? Many thoughts raced through her head. Was this a joke? And if it was real, what did it mean?

Following the ceremony, Alice approached Michi’s father and shared the details of the perplexing note that read, “It’s not what it seems.” He denied any involvement and suggested it might be a prank from a stranger. However, Alice had a hunch that her father-in-law was concealing something. So she persisted in her questioning. What was the true cause of Michi’s death, and why did his father possess additional information about the note?

She obsessively replayed the events of the accident in her head, hoping to find any clues or answers hidden within those memories.

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The day of the accident began like any other. Michi and Alice woke up next to each other with no indication of what was to come. Michi headed to the garage for his usual workout, while Alice tended to their newborn son, Ethan, preparing his meal. Everything seemed normal and routine, unaware of the tragedy that awaited them.

Michi mentioned having a busy work schedule and a late business call at 9:00 p.m. Alice found it odd because such late hours, especially on a Friday night, were uncommon. As Alice’s day progressed, she noticed that Michi didn’t send her a message as he usually did. Concerned, she decided to call him to update him on Ethan’s well-being. Michi’s reaction seemed indifferent, which annoyed Alice, but she initially attributed it to work-related stress, assuming that something must be going on in his professional life.

At 8:30 p.m., Michi unexpectedly called Alice, but she was occupied and couldn’t answer the phone. Surprisingly, Michi persisted and called her four more times, which was unusual for him. Just 10 minutes before 9:00 p.m., Alice discovered multiple missed calls from Michi, concerned she immediately returned his call. However, to her surprise, there was no response from him.

Three hours later, Alice received a devastating call from the police informing her that her husband, Michi, had been involved in a fatal car accident. Overwhelmed by despair, Alice felt as if she couldn’t catch her breath.

In the following days, Patricia and Michi’s father took charge of the funeral arrangements, relieving Alice of the burden so she could focus on her grief. Alice approached her father-in-law, hoping he could shed light on the perplexing situation. She couldn’t comprehend how a mysterious letter ended up in the casket.

When Alice arrived at Thomas House, her father-in-law greeted her with a sense of seriousness. Overwhelmed by her emotions, Alice forcefully declined Thomas’ offer and demanded immediate answers. But he revealed that Michi had been going through some difficulties in the weeks leading up to the accident. He confided in Thomas, seeking his help. A few days before the accident, they had a conversation where Michi tearfully expressed that he couldn’t fix the problem anymore.

Alice was stunned to learn this. She couldn’t fathom how she had missed any signs of trouble at home. Realizing she wouldn’t find the answer she sought, Alice chose to go home and resume her search the following day.

Upon arriving home, Alice’s exhaustion overwhelmed her. She knew she needed rest to gather her strength for the journey ahead. In the midst of her contemplation, her gaze fell upon Michi’s phone, still and silent on the bedside table. A glimmer of hope flickered within her. Perhaps there was something on it that could shed light on the mystery surrounding Michi’s fate.

Alice frantically attempted various combinations of codes, hoping to unlock Michi’s phone and uncover the answer she desperately sought. However, all her efforts were in vain as none of the codes worked.

Eventually, upon reaching the local phone shop, Alice approached an employee and explained her situation, requesting assistance in cracking the code. However, the employee hesitated due to privacy policies and expressed his inability to help.

Alice felt frustrated by the setback and tried to provide more details, hoping it would sway the employee’s decision. Alice elaborated further on her circumstances, and the employee empathized with her. However, he said that he couldn’t assist her at the store due to privacy constraints.

At exactly 5:00 p.m., Alice wasted no time and swiftly got into her car to drive to the address of the man who could assist with unlocking Michi’s phone. Upon reaching the address, Alice parked her car and anxiously walked up to the front door. She swiftly pressed the doorbell, feeling a mix of anticipation and nerves. The sound of footsteps approached from inside, and before long, the door swung open, revealing the person who would help her unlock Michi’s phone.

In the living room, the Photoshop worker introduced himself as Rick and requested the phone. He assured Alice that it would only take around 30 minutes to fix. After approximately 30 minutes, Rick returned and delivered the news that he had successfully fixed the phone. Rick informed Alice that he had changed the code to 40, allowing her access to the phone whenever she desired. As a gesture of gratitude for his assistance, she gave Rick $300 for fixing the phone. Rick appreciated the generous amount as it exceeded his usual compensation for such services.

Once Alice arrived home, she settled on the couch, her nerves tingling with anticipation. After an hour of scrolling through Michi’s photos without any significant discoveries, Alice shifted her focus to his messages.

As Alice opened the message section, her eyes were immediately drawn to a chat with Michi’s boss, positioned prominently at the top of the list. The messages revealed a tense and heated argument between Michi and his boss, filled with cryptic references and veiled threats. As Alice continued scrolling through the messages, she stumbled upon references to a significant amount of money.

Alice mustered the courage to call Michi’s boss, who initially expressed his condolences for her loss. However, as Alice inquired about the conversations between Michi and him, she sensed that his response was not genuine. He responded, “I anticipated your call. It’s probably best if you come to my house so we can discuss this matter in person.”

Once Alice arrived at his house, he welcomed her in, and they sat down on the couch. Michi’s boss looked at her and asked, “So, what do you already know, Alice?”

Alice opened up and shared everything she knew. She mentioned how Michi’s father had noticed his distress and tears, prompting her to investigate further by checking his phone. Michi’s boss took a deep breath and began to reveal the truth to Alice.

He explained that Michi had gotten involved in some illegal activities, which had put him in a dangerous situation. He owed a significant amount of money to dangerous individuals, and they had been pressuring him to pay up. The accident, as it turned out, was not a mere coincidence. It was orchestrated to silence Michi and eliminate the threat he posed to those involved.

Unfortunately, these investments turned out to be disastrous, resulting in

the loss of all his money. The boss revealed that shortly after the failed investments, Michi found himself being threatened by the men from the illegal organization who demanded repayment of the borrowed money. Desperate and unable to come up with a large sum of money required, Michi turned to his boss for help.

However, the boss explained that he was unable to provide such a substantial amount. It was a dire situation that Michi found himself in, with no apparent way out. So, it was a heartbreaking revelation for Alice to comprehend the depth of her husband’s desperation and the extreme measures he felt compelled to take.

Alice was struck with a mix of emotions upon learning the truth. She felt a profound sadness and devastation that Michi had reached such a desperate point in his life. She couldn’t fully comprehend why he had chosen to end his life as a solution, especially knowing the consequences it would have on her and Ethan.

The weight of his sacrifice and the implications for their future weighed heavily on her heart, leaving her with a sense of confusion and deep grief. She understood that the financial burden and stress had taken a toll on him, but she couldn’t shake the feeling that there could have been other ways to cope and find solutions.

The weight of their lost home and uncertain future loomed over her, but she knew that her priority now was to be there for Ethan and find a way to rebuild their lives. With a heavy heart, Alice made the difficult decision to sell their home and start anew in a different place. She wanted to create a safe and secure environment for herself and Ethan, where they could heal and rebuild their lives.

In time, Alice found love again and formed a deep bond with a kind and supportive partner.

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