Baby Elephant Refuses To Leave The Mud, Ranger Calls Cops When He Realizes Why He’s Hiding

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In the heart of the African savannah, Sam and Max embarked on a daring rescue mission after they spotted a baby elephant named Ellie stuck in a mud pit. Trapped in treacherous mud, Ellie’s desperate trumpets echoed over the savannah as the men struggled to free her. Bit by bit, they managed to free more and more of her body. When they finally pulled her from the mud pit, Ellie tried to go back in, which confused both Sam and Max. When Sam went to get a better look at why Ellie was moving back in instead of out, his eyes started watering.

Before we start, smash the like button and make sure to subscribe if you haven’t, and hit that notification bell so that you won’t miss any new stories. Rescuing Ellie was more difficult than they had hoped for. It had been challenging to get her out of the mud in the first place, but once they had finally managed to pull her out, she immediately jumped back in. Why did she put herself in that much danger?

However, when Sam and Max took a closer look at the mud, they understood what was happening. Max was the first one to see it, and his eyes immediately went wide. It all made sense now. This elephant had not been stuck in the mud by accident but on purpose. It had been hiding something in this death trap, and the friends could not believe they had not seen it sooner. They knew they had to take action immediately if they wanted to help this poor elephant out. It was clear that it would not stop putting itself in danger otherwise.

But why was this elephant stuck in the mud? Why did it keep returning to the pit, and what secret was it hiding in there? This had not been how Sam and Max expected their day to go whatsoever. They had been visiting here as tourists and were dying to see as many exotic animals as possible, but their full attention was captured by a single one that day.

Most people visiting any part of Africa’s reservations do this in large groups with experienced guides. But Sam and Max were not the biggest fans of this. They feared these groups would only slow them down and limit their options.

They wanted to be out on their own, and that was not as easy as it sounded. You needed to have a lot of permissions granted to go and explore the savannah on your own, and the two friends did not have the time or money for that. So, they had decided they would take a risk and go without permission. If they had been busted in the savannah without explicit permission, they would most likely have been deported from that country. But it was a risk they wanted to take.

However, having to keep their expedition a secret came with a lot of consequences. Later on that day, Sam and Max were out on the wide open field nice and early before more of the accompanied tours started. This would make it more likely they could travel without being spotted. They had rented a small but reliable jeep and were already starting to see a lot of spectacular animals. They had even already spotted a buffalo and were dying to see more animals belonging to the infamous Big Five. Seeing them out here was not the same as in a zoo at all, and it would not take long before they found their next adventure.

However, it was not in the state they expected. They had not seen the creature yet, but the two friends suddenly heard a very familiar sound. It was unmistakable: the trumpet of an elephant. Just once, but they were continuously picking up on it, making it really easy to determine in which direction they were supposed to go. Max immediately steered the car off the road and in the direction of a nearby hill, as it sounded like the trumpeting came from behind there. But it was not easy to scale this obstacle, as the heavy rainfall of yesterday made the terrain difficult to traverse. It quickly became apparent to Sam and Max that they were not going to get their car over this hill, so they decided to park it behind some bushes not to draw any attention and continue on foot.

This was one of the most dangerous things you can do in the open savannah. You never know what animal you will encounter here, and on foot, you will never be able to outrun any of them. But the two friends did not even think about that for a second; they just had their minds set on finding the source of the trumpeting, and they soon did. When they finally made their way over the hill, it did not take them long to spot what was happening, and they immediately knew this was very serious. Down in one of the mud pits was a relatively tiny elephant, and it was clear that the animal was stuck.

For a minute, Sam and Max were unsure of what to do. Their first instinct was to call somebody for help, but their only option was to try and get the baby elephant out themselves, as they were not about to leave this poor animal here to die. They looked around and did not manage to spot the herd the elephant had to have been traveling with.

It was most likely abandoned here. But how were the two of them going to get the elephant out of there? They were two strong men, but they seemingly had no chance of moving a creature of this size. Luckily, they did have some useful equipment in the car. Maybe they could help them here. The most important find was a lot of rope; maybe they could use it to pull the elephant out of danger a little bit without them getting stuck in mud themselves. Otherwise, they would all be lost here.

What surprised the two friends was that the animal seemed relatively calm in the mud. It was in quite deep, but maybe it had been here for a while and realized it was not going to sink any further now. When they were done, Max and Sam took turns trying to get the ropes on the large creature, but the elephant was not making it easy. It could not move much but seemingly enough to make the two men miss most of their attempted rope throws.

After many tries, they managed to get some ropes tied around the elephant, and now it was just a matter of trying to pull it out. But this was, of course, easier said than done. The creature was way too heavy, and it was not really working with them to get out. It quickly became apparent to Sam and Max that this was not going to work. They debated whether to call for help anyway or just leave this animal there. It would most likely not survive if there was no herd for it to follow.

But this decision would end up being made for them. Out of seemingly nowhere, Sam and Max started to hear some commotion coming from behind the hill. They quickly recognized them as voices, but they did not understand what they were saying as they clearly spoke an African dialect. They were quickly out of time to make any other decision as people started to make their way across the hill. When they saw the two men with the elephant, they quickly ordered them not to move. Sam and Max knew it was probably best to oblige here.

About seven men came running down the hill in their direction, and when they got closer, Sam recognized the uniforms they were wearing. They were dealing with a squad of rangers. These men were tasked with keeping the savannah and the animals safe. In broken English, the first that arrived asked Sam and Max to explain what was going on here.

The friends focused their story on the elephant but knew they had to mention that they were out there without a group. With the help of all of them together, they managed to get the baby elephant out of the mud, but then the animal clearly tried to get back in again. When they took a closer look, they found that there was actually another animal stuck in the mud: a meerkat. The rangers rescued it as well, and only then was the elephant satisfied. Both of them ended up being brought to the rangers’ center to recover, and Sam and Max got away with just a warning.

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