Baby Refuses To Stop Crying, Then Mom Checks Her Leg And SCREAMS In Horror!

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When Scott and Jessica Walker decided to take their young baby out with them for a lunch date, their plans went awry because their daughter just would not stop crying. Later, when Jessica Walker investigates her daughter’s leg, she screams in shock when she discovers the cause.

There are few things as priceless and incredibly precious as a newborn baby. That’s why Canada’s parents, Scott and Jessica Walker, were absolutely smitten with daughter Molly when they first laid eyes on her. She was not their firstborn, but they could already see that she would make a perfect playmate and little sister for 2-year-old Maya. However, that day, they were almost starting to regret the moment they had decided to have kids in the first place.

After 4 months of caring for their baby daughter, Scott and Jessica had become familiar with most of her moods. They could distinguish the hungry cry from the dirty nappy cry, and both parents knew how to soothe away the tears by feeding her, changing her, or rubbing her back to settle her. But as soon as they entered the……Read Full Story Here…………….

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