Remember World’s Most Beautiful Colored Twins? You Won’t Believe What Happened To Them!

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Zer and Aon are two biological twins born with different skin complexions. The twins have been labeled the most beautiful colored twins by various media pundits. This is their captivating story and you won’t believe what happened to them.

It is certainly quite rare to find biological twins born with different skin complexions, but that is exactly what Azera and Aon turned out to be. Born with fair skin and green eyes, Aon resembles his mom Shantel, while Azera, who has brown eyes and a darker complexion, took after their half-Jamaican dad, Ashton. The twins were born in Nottingham, UK.

Surprisingly, the twins’ different skin colors weren’t particularly noticeable at birth. In Chantel’s own words during an interview with Kate Gway and Ben Shepard on the popular Good Morning Britain show, “At first, it wasn’t that noticeable. They were quite similar in complexion, but you could see that she was slightly darker.”

Shantel continued, “But as the weeks and months went on, she’s just got darker and darker, and he’s got lighter.” Shantel further revealed that she and her partner Ashton were a bit surprised by their twins’ different skin colors because, according to her, “you see it, but you don’t see it with twins so often.” Nevertheless, Shantel stated that she and Ashton were happy with their twins’ different skin colors.

People were generally mesmerized by the twins’ different skin complexions right from the onset. Shantel disclosed that people would always stop her whenever they saw her with the twins just to ask her if the babies were really twins. Chantel kept explaining to everyone who cared to listen that her babies were actually twins and they were hers.

However, not everyone believed her. Shantel divulged during an interview that she received a lot of negative messages on Facebook, with some users doubting that the twins were really her kids. Some Twitter trolls even went as far as wrongly accusing Shantel of cheating on Ashton. One user even asked, “Are they both his?” while another one chipped in, “Or she was cheating on her fella.”

The negative comments and reactions about Shantel and her different-colored twins didn’t just end on Facebook. Shantel was taking her then 3-year-old Aon and Azera for a walk one early Saturday morning when a man in jogging shorts and boots jogged up beside her. Shantel took a long look at the lean young man and greeted him warmly, but the man didn’t respond to her greetings. Instead, he started hurling insults at Shantel, calling her a cheat and other unprintable names.

Shantel was still trying to make sense of it all when the worst happened: the man promptly brought out a pepper spray from his shorts pocket and before Shantel even knew what was happening, the man sprayed the pepper spray on her face and ran off immediately. Shantel was stunned into silence; the pepper spray intensely burned her eyes as she vigorously rubbed her eyes with her palms.

The twins just stood dejectedly by their mom’s side, watching her in utter confusion, with concern written all over their beautiful faces. Azera was almost close to tears. Just then, a young woman named Tessie dashed off to Shantel with a bottle of water. Tessie quickly started pouring the water on Shantel’s face and she washed her eyes and face with the droplets.

The water did a whole lot of good on Shantel as the burning sensation in her eyes started subsiding. Tessie had seen the man attack Shantel as she was jogging a few yards behind her and the twins, so she had come rushing over to help Shantel. When she was finally able to fully open her eyes, Shantel profusely thanked Tessie for her help.

Tessie, on her part, kept asking Shantel if she was feeling better then or if she should call for an emergency ambulance. Chantel politely told Tessie not to worry about calling the ambulance, that she was fine. Both women then planned to report the attack to the cops that very afternoon. They exchanged contacts, and Tessie promised to be at Shantel’s place at the appointed time before she jogged off.

The attack completely killed Shantel’s vibes for the walk, so she gently wrapped her hands around the shoulders of her kids and promptly led them back home. Once Tessie left, back home, Shantel narrated everything that happened to Ashton, who felt a mixture of pity and anger. Ashton really pitied Chantel and consoled her the best he could, but at the same time, he felt quite angry that he wasn’t there to protect his beloved wife from such a deranged fellow, like he called the attacker.

The day was actually a public holiday, and Ashton had initially planned to go for the walk with his wife and kids. However, he had woken up that morning feeling really weak and with a slight headache; hence, he had decided to stay back home. Ashton just couldn’t help but blame himself for the attack on Shantel.

A few hours later, Tessie arrived at Chantel’s place, just like she had promised. Together, both women set off for the police station to report the attack. Both women gave a description of the attacker to the police sketch artist, who expertly sketched the portrait of the attacker. The cops assured Shantel that they would surely find their attacker and bring him to face justice.

Barely 2 weeks later, the police department called Shantel and told her to come down to the precinct and identify a potential suspect. Chantel did so, and when she arrived at the police precinct, she came face to face with her attacker. His name was Derek.

He was a 30-year-old avid drug user who belonged to a far-right racist group that claimed direct descent from the once feared Ku Klux Klan white supremacist cult. Derek was a jailbird; he had been previously arrested and jailed four times, once for possession of illegal drugs and thrice for racist attacks. Derek pleaded guilty to physically attacking Shantel. He was sentenced to 18 months imprisonment plus an extra year of community service.

Over time, Shantel and Ashton both seemed to have forgotten about the incident and moved on with their happy lives. Then, 4 months later, the couple returned home from a picnic with the twins one Sunday evening, only to find a large brown envelope lying at their front door. Ashton and Shantel exchanged worried glances before Ashton bent down and picked up the envelope.

He promptly tore it open and emptied the contents on the floor. Some pictures fell out of the envelope. Shantel nervously picked one of the pictures up, stared longingly at it, and almost collapsed in shock. The picture was that of the twins in their school uniform.

Aon and Azera were both standing outside their classroom with their hands locked together, most probably waiting for their parents to come pick them up after school. Ashton quickly picked up the other pictures from the ground, and they were all pictures of the twins in their school uniforms on different days as well. Most frighteningly, the twins’ faces were marked with an ‘X’ in red ink in all the pictures.

The couple, who were both still holding the pictures and looking really scared, got the message at once: someone was stalking their beloved kids, and the ‘X’ marked in red ink on the twins’ faces in the pictures simply denoted that the person stalking the twins was doing so for an evil, sinister agenda.

Shantel and Ashton quickly ushered their confused-looking twins inside the house. The couple then made sure that all the doors were properly secured for the night. Afterwards, Chantel and Ashton rushed through a light dinner with their kids in utter silence. Aon and Azera wanted to watch a little cartoon after the meal, but their parents were having none of that. Shantel firmly told the twins to return to their bedrooms at once, and they reluctantly did so.

Ashton even followed the kids to their bedroom just to make sure that their windows were well secured. After he had tucked them both into bed and kissed them good night, Ashton then headed straight to the storeroom, where he brought out his shotgun from a large shelf. He cleaned the gun, then he carefully loaded it up.

Ashton rarely made use of the gun, except when he went hunting with his spouse once in a blue moon. Ashton had never thought of the gun as a form of protection before, but that night was different; it was the longest and scariest night the couple, especially Shantel, had ever gone through. Hence, Ashton had decided to load up the gun just in case it might come in handy that night. After he was done loading the gun, Ashton hung it on the storeroom wall. Then, he joined Shantel, who was still looking quite scared, in bed. Ashton held Shantel in a tight embrace and kept assuring her that everything would be fine.

“But is this how we’re going to continue living? In fear here?” Shantel asked Ashton in a tearful tone. Ashton comforted Shantel before he asked her if they should call the cops and report the matter to them. But Shantel wasn’t impressed with the idea; according to her, reporting the matter to cops would only worsen the situation as it would surely enrage the person or people behind it. Ashton then asked Shantel what she was suggesting.

That we leave this city as soon as possible,” Shantel quickly replied. At first, Ashton pretended not to have heard what his wife just said, but Chantel kept repeating the same request over and over again until Ashton finally replied that he had had enough. Ashton then kissed Shantel good night after assuring her that he would sleep on her suggestion for the next couple of days. Shantel kept trying to convince Ashton to agree to her suggestion.

Ashton, on his part, always pointed out to Shantel that they would both lose their modest paying jobs and start from scratch if they left the city. But Chantel was adamant; she always countered Ashton’s point by reminding him how the safety of the twins was more important to her than any job in the world. In the end, Ashton gave in to Shantel’s demands just to make her happy. Ashton really did love Shantel and would always sacrifice his own happiness for her sake.

Shantel was really glad that they were finally going to leave the city for the safety of their kids. She even kept assuring Ashton that fate would surely be kind to them in their new destination. Exactly a week to that memorable but scary Sunday evening, the couple packed up their stuff and left their home city for good with their two bundles of joy. Just like Chantel had predicted, luck was surely on the couple’s side in their new city of residence.

Armed with their outstanding academic qualifications, it took less than 2 months before Chantel secured a higher-paying job as an auditor in a management firm. For Ashton, it took a bit longer, but barely 5 months after their arrival in the new city, he secured a modest-paying job as a clerk in a political lobbying and consultancy firm. The couple was really happy about their sheer luck. They lived comfortably and in perfect harmony. Ashton and Shantel also spoiled the twins silly with love and care.

Aon and Azera developed a very close bond right from the start. They did everything together; they were inseparable. It was almost like they had a telepathic connection between them. As the twins grew, their unique beauty and different skin colors made them the cynosure of all eyes, both at school and in their neighborhood as well.

A lot of people who met the twins were so enchanted by their unique looks that they would always plead to take pictures with them. The twins’ parents would always oblige such people. Chantel was the main driving force that brought Aon and Azera into the fashion and modeling world. Her instincts basically told her that there was just something special about the twins, so she instinctively started posting pictures of the twins on various social media platforms right from when they were barely 4 years old.

Shantel would always dress the twins in some eye-catching, glamorous, and matching outfits, take their pictures, and post the pictures on her social media pages. By dressing the twins in such gorgeous outfits, Shantel was simply adding an element of cuteness to the already stunning twins. Shantel’s posts were often shared by her friends and family members all over social media. Little did Shantel know that she was propelling her beloved twins into international limelight and stardom. She was literally, unknowingly, testing the modeling waters for her kids, a very bold move that the twins will forever be grateful to their mom for.

From a proud mom simply posting random pictures of her stunning kids, Shantel’s effort soon turned into something overwhelmingly bigger and beneficial to both mother and her twins. It didn’t even take long before the twins had their big break. A particular picture of them went viral, and the world went into a fluster over the adorable and unique-looking twins.

Suddenly, they were getting so much attention online. Despite the fact that Ashton wasn’t as keen about the whole modeling thing with the twins like Shantel was, he didn’t have any qualms with it either. Ashton was simply just happy and proud of his kids’ early success story, like any other loving father would have been. He also tried to support their modeling dreams the best he could.

Social media users were surely taking serious note of the unique-looking twins with their rare different complexions and beauty. The twins stole many hearts online in such a very short time span. Everyone wanted to know more about the “A” and “A” (Naera, whichever name you start with first). Then out of nowhere, entered a popular photographer named Dave Hunter, who has 37 followers on Instagram and much more on Facebook.

Dave hunted down Aon and Azera for their unique complexions and was immediately enchanted when he finally met them. He happily snapped pictures of the twins and posted them on his Instagram and Facebook pages. The images immediately went viral and received a whopping 2,000 likes in a single day. There were negative comments, but the positive ones outweighed them. The twins became instant sensations overnight, and a lot of online users across all major social media platforms were sharing the twins’ pictures as well. As expected, their fan base kept growing tremendously.

Since then, the twins have been offered many sponsorship deals by major brands. They have also signed many modeling contracts with big modeling houses, with Shantel’s guidance, of course. There was no looking back for Aon and

Azera from then on. One unnamed Facebook user even posted their picture collage video that was viewed more than 4.5 million times online. Soon enough, modeling gigs came flowing in for the twins. Aon and Azera had since been continuously receiving branded clothes from major clothing brands for wearing and posting to publicize them on social media. Life for Aon and Azera has certainly changed. Now the twins can’t go outside without being recognized. Their popularity keeps growing by leaps and bounds every passing day.

Perhaps the most interesting fact about the twins is the fact that they were never forced into modeling. It came naturally to them, like a gift from the gods. “It’s just in them,” one popular TV pundit once said about the twins’ modeling career. “They were born for this,” he concluded. Now both aged five as of 2023, Aon and Zer have already garnered a whopping 120,000 followers and counting on Instagram alone. They also enjoy massive followership on all the other major social media platforms.

The twins are also currently active on TikTok. Shantel even operates a YouTube channel for her twins. She continuously keeps the twins’ teeming fans updated about their life with their pictures and videos. In the videos and pictures, Aon and Azera can be seen going about their everyday activities such as dancing, reading, doing crafts, among others.

The channel has already garnered over 60,000 subscribers and counting. AER and Aon are currently in school where their unique beauty and charismatic personalities continue to draw both teachers and students alike to them. The twins are currently child celebrities in their own rights. They have become household names worldwide. The twins have also featured in numerous commercials for top brands. They have become very popular social media influencers and content creators. Aon and Azera are widely admired and idolized by their thousands of teeming fans.

Despite their growing fame, fan base, and wealth, Aon and Azera continue to be so humble and unassuming, an obvious testament to the well-disciplined upbringing that Ashton and Shantel gave the twins. The story of the twins’ rise to stardom is truly inspiring. Only time will tell what the future holds for Aon and Azera, but judging by their sudden rise to stardom at such a tender age when most of their mates were only interested in playing with toys, it is safe to assume that the twins’ future is really a bright one indeed.

The sky is truly their limit. Above all, inspiring in the sense that it goes a very long way to prove a very important point: the kids went from being judged to being loved by many people. They prove that there’s just something really uniquely beautiful in all of us as humans and that we can rise to the pinnacle of success if we, or the people closest to us, can identify that uniqueness in us and harness it on time. Just like Chantel did for Aon and Azera.

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