Black Are Not Allowed Here: They Kicked Out a BLACK CHILD from School. When His Dad Arrived, The Teachers Regretted it!

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“Every kid deserves a chance at a good education, but these teachers didn’t seem to think so when they kicked out a black child from his school for his skin color.

When his dad arrived to discuss the matter, though, the teachers recognized him and immediately regretted their actions as Mr. Jackson walked through the gates of Maplewood Elementary School in his uniform.

Several teachers and parents held their breath, and when he announced that he had come to discuss the matter of his son being expelled the day before, they paled in disbelief. No one had made the connection between little Jamal, the only black child in the school, and the respectable man who was about to unleash hell on the principal. But now that they knew who he was, they realized they were in deep trouble. Mr. Jackson walked into the principal’s office with his son in tow. Mrs. Thompson invited them both to sit down, but……Read Full Story Here…………………

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