Black Man Adopts 6 Girls That Everyone HATED. Years Later, He Discovers a Shocking Truth About Them

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Julius willingly chose to become the father of a set of sextuplets that people despised. After a decade, the most unexpected truth about them came out. On the drive back to his home, Julius looked into his rear-view mirror. Four of the girls were seated in the back of his pickup truck, while two of them sat in front with him. The four girls at the back weren’t talking, and neither were the ones in front.

The car was gravely silent, as if they were driving to a funeral instead of going to their new home. Their expressions weren’t even joyful; it was just numb and neutral. It was the kind of expression that a person wears when they have experienced too many disappointments and don’t bother raising their hopes.

Julius was coming from the orphanage where he’d signed all the papers and come into full guardianship of the sextuplets. They were his adopted daughters now, and he was their father. He liked to think of himself as a father without “adoptive” in it because he didn’t intend to see them for one second as separate from him. Julius was the kind of person who was all in or nothing. He had accepted these girls as his own, and he wasn’t going to ever turn back on that decision, no matter what.

The sextuplets had been in the orphanage for 5 years. According to the caretakers at the orphanage, the girls had been orphaned when they were 4 years old and had lived in many orphanages ever since. Their story was tragic and had been what compelled Julius to make the move of adopting them. It had seemed like an impulsive decision in the eyes of others, but Julius had felt so right about the choice.

The sextuplets were 9 years old and all had been born on the same day. Julius found this incredible. They were the first set of sextuplets he was meeting in his life, and he was sure that they’d probably be the only ones. None of the girls looked alike, but they all bore a strong resemblance to one another, and they were all incredibly beautiful even at their tender ages.

Julius found it odd that they hadn’t been adopted; that had been before the caretakers had shared the girls’ tragic story with Julius. The girls had been moved around to different orphanages. The first orphanage that had taken them in had housed them for a year and a half. That length of time had been the longest that they had stayed in any orphanage.

During their stay in that first orphanage, the girls had been scared and had displayed signs of PTSD. They had to undergo child therapy for a few months before they started talking, playing freely, and relating to other children. Shortly after, many couples had shown interest in adopting the girls. None of them had been ready to adopt all six girls together, though.

Instead, they had wanted to adopt a girl or two. Their caretakers had understood that six girls would be difficult for anyone to take in and had counted it a blessing that the girls would be adopted at all. They had thought that perhaps, by the time that four couples adopted a girl or two, all the girls would be adopted. But the girls had refused to be separated. They had wailed, cried, and refused to eat, and kicked up a fuss whenever any of their sisters had received an offer to be adopted. They had done this numerous times, and their caretakers had gotten frustrated.

The caretakers had decided to try another method. They had approached couples that had wanted children and had suggested to them to test-run living with the girls for some time to know if they could adopt all six of them. In the first family that the girls had lived with, the wife had hated the girls after a few weeks because she claimed the girls stole her husband’s affection from her. For this reason, the girls had been sent back to the orphanage.

The orphanage had eventually transferred them to another one. The second orphanage had also sent the girls to live with another couple for a short time. For a few weeks, everything had gone smoothly, but then the wife of the house had gotten pregnant. By the second month of her pregnancy, she had fallen ill, and the husband had blamed the girls for her illness. He had claimed that the girls were witches and had wanted to harm his wife and unborn child so that they would be the only children in the family. The girls had been sent back to the orphanage, and eventually, they had been transferred to the third orphanage.

Like the first and second orphanages, the third orphanage had sent the girls to live with another couple. This couple had been religious, and the people in their community had held them in high esteem. Nobody had expected any issues to come out of this arrangement, but big issues had arisen when that couple had lost some valuable jewelry and money that they had been keeping for people. Instead of owning up to their own fault, they had accused the girls of stealing them and had beaten them up severely as punishment. The girls had been 7 and 1/2 years old when this happened. They had come together and secretly hatched the plan to run away. They had been successful and had gone to the police.

The police had brought the couple in for questioning, and their investigations had led to other unpleasant discoveries. The woman had been having an affair, while the man had been involved in some gambling. Overnight, the reputation of the couple had been destroyed, and people in the community had unfairly blamed the sextuplets. Hatred for the girls had been so strong that they had been transferred to an orphanage out of state. That was the fourth orphanage.

A few months after they had lived in the fourth orphanage, it had closed down, and they had been transferred to the fifth orphanage. Different things had kept coming up at various orphanages until they had arrived at the ninth orphanage, which was where Julius had found them. Everybody had gotten so fed up with the girls at this point and had wanted to wash their hands off of them. The director of the orphanage had told the girls that they still had a chance to be adopted, but they’d have to be separated. The girls had been so sad and had looked at one another with eyes full of fear. They had done everything they could to stay together, but it hadn’t worked. They would have to say their goodbyes.

It had been in that dire hour that Julius had walked into their orphanage. Julius was a florist that the director of the orphanage had employed for his services. Major sponsors of the orphanage would be coming in a few days, and the director had wanted to make the grounds colorful and attractive with flowers. Julius had overheard the director telling the girls that they had come to the end of the road and would have to go their separate ways. The reaction of the girls had haunted Julius. He had been moved with deep compassion for them.

Knocking on the director’s door, he had entered the office and had told the director that he had a large home where all the girls were welcome to live. Julius was a black man, and the girls were white, but he hadn’t been daunted by this fact. He had been ready and willing to take responsibility for them.

The management of the orphanage had been so relieved when Julius confirmed that he truly wanted to take the girls to live at his house. For record’s sake, they had asked him a few questions to confirm that he was eligible to be their guardian. Julius was a widower who lived with his mom, who was in her 50s, and both of them earned a reasonable sum of money that could support the entire family, including the girls.

Regardless, the orphanage had arranged to pay a monthly sum to Julius for looking after the girls. He had refused it. He had told the management that he wasn’t taking the girls to live with him for a test run; he was taking them into his home to be his daughters, and he would be their father. He wanted to fully adopt them. Everybody had looked at him like he was crazy. Didn’t he know that these girls were hated? But they had let him adopt them.

A few weeks later, the adoption proceedings had been completed at Julius’s house. His mom Mildred was excited to meet the girls. She loved children, and Julius had already told her the girls’ story. She felt their pain. They had been through so much, and they were only 9 years old. She wanted them to feel at home and wanted to bring them comfort. In her eyes, the sextuplets were her long-lost grandchildren who had finally come home. She was determined to help raise them well.

Mildred had another reason why she was so happy about the adoption of the girls. Julius had been lonely for 5 years ever since his wife passed away in childbirth with the baby. He hadn’t dated anyone or tried to make another family. He had simply lived with his mother in his five-bedroom duplex located on the outskirts of the city. He grew the flowers he supplied for business on that land and had a small garden too.

From the day that the girls arrived at the house, Julius provided all their basic needs and any additional needs that his mom told him that they had. But for weeks, the girls stayed withdrawn and quiet. They said thank you at the right times and only spoke when spoken to, no more, no less. The girls acted this way because they were cautious. They had lived with many people in the past who had been initially nice to them before eventually turning hostile.

Neither Julius nor Mildred liked how formal and uncomfortable the girls were, but they didn’t know what to do to change it. They continued to treat the girls well, corrected them kindly when it was necessary, and asked them about the things they liked. Although they were fed up with the girls’ monotonous answers, they didn’t give up on them, and one day it paid off.

One of the girls was dusting the sitting room when she accidentally broke a family heirloom that Mildred was so protective of. The girl was so scared; she wanted to run away. She believed that Mildred would beat her up and throw her sisters and her out because of her. But Mildred entered the sitting room, saw the broken heirloom, and rushed to the girl’s side.

“Did you hurt yourself? Are you bleeding anywhere? Do you want to go see the doctor?” Mildred fired the questions in rapid succession. Her eyes roved over every corner of the girl to make sure that she wasn’t hurt.

The girl was surprised that Mildred didn’t want to punish her and was genuinely interested in her well-being. She burst into tears, and Mildred wrapped her in a warm hug, comforting her. After that incident, the girls saw that Julius and his mom were truly good people who cared about them. In the months that followed, the girls opened up to them, and they started behaving like a real family.

While some of the girls helped Mildred with the house chores and in the kitchen, the other girls learned how to grow flowers in gardening from Julius. They helped him take care of the flowers, and as a result, he was able to grow more flowers and have a bigger garden. The best part was that the girls genuinely enjoyed partaking in those activities. They didn’t do it reluctantly; they were so joyful whenever they were doing anything, and it warmed the hearts of Julius and Mildred.

One time, Mild organized a bake sale for fun. She and some of the girls baked so many different things that sold off in a short time, and there were many people asking for more. They made so much money and considered having a baking business. Also, more clients contacted Julius for his florist services, and he was able to sell all the orders because there were more flowers. He started making more money as a result and often surprised the girls with thoughtful gifts.

Two years after the girls started living with him, Julius asked them if they wanted to do anything special, and they all said that they would like to go on a camping trip. Julius hired a van and made the necessary arrangements for a one-night camping trip. He wanted to keep it short in case they didn’t like the experience and wanted to return home faster. However, he and his mom got a huge surprise on the trip.

At the campfire, the girls sang a song together. Each of them had a distinct voice that blended perfectly and harmonized effortlessly. The jaws of Mild and Julius nearly dropped to the ground. They had no idea that the girls had this talent. As soon as they returned from the camping trip, Mildred went to the choir leader at her church and begged her to train the girls to sing better.

The moment the choir leader heard the sextuplets sing, she was sold on the idea. The girls were excited that they would have a professional guide them and help them improve their singing skills. They loved to sing together, but until then, they had been too shy to do it in front of Julius and Mildred. They started training four times a week with the choir leader. This went on for an entire year before the choir leader started signing them up to sing at local events and festivities. The girls continued to practice and constantly improved. They could do many styles very well and performed them for Julius and Mildred.

A few years later, when the girls were 19, a talent hunt competition came up. At this point, the girls had completed high school. Three of them wanted to go to college, while the other three wanted to pursue business and other interests. The prize money for the talent hunt competition was huge and would support all of them in their endeavors. For this reason, they decided to sign up for it. It would also be the last time they expected to sing together for a long time. They put all their hearts and souls into preparing for the competition. They chose to do an acapella style, and they practiced long and hard to get everyone’s parts done right.

When they eventually performed in the competition, it was an instant success. Both the judges and the audience gave them a standing ovation. Video clips of their performance went viral. They won the competition and became social media sensations. A huge record label approached the girls and offered them a very lucrative record deal. They replied that they would consider it.

A few days later, while the girls were still considering the offer, an unknown woman showed up on their doorstep. She was beautiful, elegant, and her style was sophisticated. Julius answered the door and thought the woman was there to make an offer to the girls. In the past few days, they’d gotten numerous offers to model for brands, endorsement deals, commercial deals, and much more. Everyone wanted to jump on the bandwagon of their rising success.

But the woman replied to Julius that she wasn’t there for any of that. She requested to be led in to see the girls. Julius wanted to refuse her request, but her eyes convinced him. They were kind and sad at the same time. Ten years ago, Julius had adopted the girls, and years later, he discovered the shocking truth about them.

When they were all seated in the sitting room, the woman introduced herself to the family as Ariel, the biological mother of the girls. There was an audible gasp in the room. Ariel shared her life story with them. Her parents had been poor, illiterate, naive people who had married her off to a much older man in exchange for money. The man had wanted an heir, and when Ariel had gotten pregnant, he had been ecstatic.

But he’d gotten upset when complications had arisen because of the multiple babies she was carrying. He had been upset because Ariel had to be hospitalized for weeks, and he had to pay the bills. The girls had been delivered via C-section a few weeks early. The hospital had celebrated their birth by not charging for the prolonged weeks. The girls had stayed in the incubator, for Ariel’s husband had been angry that all six babies were girls. Worse, he hadn’t been allowed by the doctors to get Ariel pregnant again for years because her body had needed to heal.

He had started treating Ariel badly, but she had endured for her kids’ sake. However, when the girls were 3 years old, he started drinking and became more violent. By the time the girls were four, she took them to an orphanage and passed them off as orphans. It had been the only way to ensure that they were taken care of because she didn’t have any way of providing for them. She had told the girls to stay together no matter what and that she would return to find them.

For years, Ariel had survived by doing menial jobs. She had worked at a small bed and breakfast and had found favor in the eyes of the owner, an old woman who had left the establishment to her when she passed away. Ariel had grown that business by sheer strong will into an exclusive resort. Then she had returned to find her children, but they had disappeared into thin air. It was the videos of their performance at the competition that she’d seen and finally found them.

The girls were sorry for all their mom had to go through and reconnected with her. She told them their biological father had passed away. He had gotten drunk one day and fallen on the wrong side, breaking his neck. Ariel thanked Julius and Mildred for their kindness to her daughters. They talked for a long time, and she invited everyone for a month-long vacation at the resort, including Mild and Julius.

Ariel had given birth to the sextuplets when she was 19 years old. The girls were 19 already, which made her 38 years old. She hadn’t remarried and wasn’t in a relationship. Julius was 43 and single too. During their time at the resorts, they got attracted to each other, and the girls noticed. They not so subtly started playing matchmaker until Ariel and Julius gave in and started dating.

Mere months later, Julius proposed, and Ariel accepted. They got married, and Ariel moved in to live with the man of her dreams, her six beautiful daughters, and her caring mother-in-law.

What a story! I hope you enjoyed it. It’s a wonder when people go through hard times but eventually find happiness at the end. Please let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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