Black Man Steals $242M From Bank In Dubai. You Won’t Believe What Happened To Him!

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A black man stole $242 million from a bank in Dubai. You won’t believe what happened to him.

In 1995, a black man walked into a Dubai Bank. The scorching sun outside was very different from the cool air conditioning inside the Dubai Islamic Bank. The black man was Fanga Babani Soko, and he rode in with a big smile on his face.

What he came for was simple: he claimed he needed a car loan. Little did the bank manager suspect, Fanga would use this ordinary request to steal $242 million and cause huge problems for him and the bank.Muhammad Aud was the bank manager, and he was a Muslim like Fanga. Muhammad found himself drawn to Fanga’s easy charm and smooth talk. As the two men discussed the car loan over steaming cups of strong Arabic coffee, Fanga entertained Muhammad with stories of his adventurous life back in Mali.

As the conversation flowed, Fanga casually dropped a bombshell: he claimed he possessed the power of black magic, and thus he could double any amount of money. Most people, especially Westerners, see black magic or voodoo as….Read Full Story Here………………

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