Black Waitress Got Fired for Helping a Disabled Boy. The Next Day, She Received the Shock of a Life

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“Carla got the shock of her life when she was fired for helping a disabled boy. However, the next day, she got a call that changed her life forever. The moment Carla’s life turned upside down, nothing in the world could have prepared her for it.

She had always believed that whatever troubles came her way while she was working her shift at the Paradise Restaurant, she would be able to handle it. However, she had no idea the trouble would come to her because of her skin color.

She was attending to a customer and taking their order when she was summoned by Dave, the manager of the restaurant. This was not uncommon, as he always found a reason to interrupt her workflow.

At first, she asked that she be given time to finish attending to the patron, but she was told to drop everything she was doing and report to the office immediately. With a sigh, she handed her notepad to another waitress and made her way through the maze of chairs and tables toward Dave’s office. She found him with his face buried in his…..Read Full Story Here………

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