Mom’s Belly Won’t Stop Growing After Birth – Doctor Can’t Believe His Eyes After Seeing Ultrasound

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Shel felt weird. She had already given birth to her newborn baby James 2 weeks ago, but her belly did not stop growing. The doctor told her that it might take a while before her belly stopped growing, but this could not be any good.

Shel called her doctor and told him everything about the issues she was experiencing. The doctor was shocked when he heard Shelle’s story. He knew he had seen this before; this could not be any good. But how did he break this to a new mom and her family?

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While on a call, the doctor told Shell that she had no time to lose; they had to rush to the hospital since this could be a very dangerous situation. The doctor had a good feeling about what was going on, but he had to confirm this.

Shelle’s husband Patrick quickly rushed to the car. When they finally arrived at the hospital, the couple was set down by the doctor’s assistant. She told them that the doctor would come as quickly as he could.

When the doctor walked up to Shell, he turned pale. He misjudged the situation; it looked worse than he thought it would be. To make sure they got the best treatment possible, the doctor did something remarkable. He cleared his schedule to make sure he had all the time for Shelly.

While Patrick seemed happy with it, it did not seem to work for Shelly. She got even more worried than she already was. What was going on with her?

The doctor started with some normal questions, but that soon changed to some really personal questions about everything. Shelly was baffled. Why did her doctor want to know all of this? Shouldn’t he examine her body?

But the doctor was not in a good mood. The doctor was shocked by the answer she gave. How could she do this? The doctor ran out of the office straight to his assistant to help him. He quickly started some medical tests; he needed the test results as soon as possible to confirm his suspicions.

After doing the test, he had to wait for the results. But while Shelly was comforted by Patrick, the doctor received the test results. When he saw them, he was in shock. This can’t be true, he said to his assistant.

He quickly ran back to Shelle and Patrick to ask some more questions. The doctor asked Shel if she had noticed something strange during her pregnancy. At this moment, Shelly broke down. She thought something was seriously wrong with herself, and she thought she could only blame herself for that.

That is when she started explaining herself. Shel stumbled out of bed on a Tuesday morning. Her head hurt, but her stomach even more. As soon as she was really awake, she could feel the pressure build in her throat. As she ran to the bathroom to throw up, it felt like she was over. However, she had not been drinking the night before.

Shelly spent another 15 minutes in the bathroom until she eventually felt good enough to head downstairs for breakfast. When she got downstairs, Shelle’s mother was shocked. She told Shell that she looked really pale.

Beth explained her symptoms to her mother, who listened intently. Then her mother turned white as she heard the symptoms. Her mother didn’t talk for almost a minute. What’s wrong, urged Shelly. She felt nervous as her mom was a registered nurse and had been in the profession for almost 30 years.

Now her reaction wasn’t very comforting. Finally, her mother spoke. She told Shelly to do a pregnancy test. Shelly was nervous and peed on the test just as her mother instructed. After waiting a few minutes, she got the results, which were frightening.

Shelle’s mother was right; she was pregnant. Shelle had a lot more to explain to her parents. As she was single at the time, who was the father? Shelly knew it could only be her ex; she hadn’t dated anyone else in the 2 months after they broke up.

Shelly didn’t know if she really wanted to progress with this pregnancy. She was scared to tell her ex, whose name was Patrick. Although her parents had been trying to discuss it with her, she couldn’t help but feel wary. She found herself debating getting an abortion. She knew she wasn’t ready for kids or to change her lifestyle.

After a few days of hesitating about all the options, she told her parents that she was planning to get an abortion. However, her parents were against this; they wanted to convince her to keep the baby, as they would do everything to raise it. But Shell knew what she wanted.

Shelly wasn’t ready yet to raise a child; she wanted this abortion. Then her problems would go away as she did not have to tell any of the possible fathers this news and the responsibility that comes with a baby. So she went to the abortion clinic against her parents’ advice.

Shelly had a conversation there with the doctor; they were legally obligated to have a conversation first. After that, Beth had to wait 5 days before she could get the abortion. A day before her abortion, she started to doubt everything. Was this a good move? She decided that she would not abort the baby.

Her family ties and mother instinct felt bigger than removing the baby. But settling into being pregnant was not always easy; those habits were a bit more addictive than Shell realized at first. They were actually so addictive that she found herself in a club in the early stages of her pregnancy. She wasn’t showing yet, so it was quite easy for her to go into the clubs.

However, the moment of truth was coming. Shelly continued on with her habits for a few more weeks, but after that, the moment of truth arrived. It was time for her first checkup with the doctor. The checkup was going well as the doctor asked Shell a few questions to assess the health of the baby.

That was the moment that Shell broke down. She confessed everything to her doctor. She admitted that although she felt a great responsibility to take care of the baby, she went out partying all night and found it difficult to resist those temptations.

The doctor showed Shell all the potential risks of drinking during the pregnancy. She hadn’t told Patrick anything about the pregnancy yet, but after the conversation with the doctor, she felt obliged to do so. She told him everything and was really relieved that Patrick seemed over the moon despite their relationship struggles.

She could progress with the pregnancy after that, with Patrick’s support. Patrick was very supportive during Shelle’s pregnancy. This motivated Shel to step away even further from her previous life. From then on, the pregnancy went relatively smoothly.

Shel spent the rest of the pregnancy doing her best to stay healthy. One afternoon, Shell is about to go to the doctor when she suddenly feels a stinging pain in her stomach. She moans loudly in pain; she calls her mother right away, who immediately knows what’s happening.

Shelle’s water broke. Shelle’s mom held her as they made their way to the car. On the way to the hospital, Shell called Patrick. Shell gave birth to a wonderful young baby named Jennifer. The doctor had to do some basic tests to check whether both Jennifer and Shel were good.

After that, Shelly could finally enjoy her newly born baby alongside Patrick, who helped her through the pregnancy. Then the doctor had some other news; they were already allowed to go home. Everything was fine with both of them, and the doctor didn’t see any reason to keep her any longer at the hospital.

But Shell and Patrick didn’t know that the trouble would only start after that. The doctor explained to Shell that it would take a while before she would be completely herself, but the issues she experienced weren’t anything normal. After 2 weeks, Shel broke down; her belly refused to stop growing. It got bigger and bigger. Shelly was scared to eat anything, as she thought that it had something to do with her eating too much.

But when the doctor heard her complaints, he knew something else was going on. The doctor saw some worrying blood test results that weren’t exactly normal for a person that had just given birth to a baby. But telling what he found was quite difficult; he handed her a glass of water.

She was ready to hear the news; she couldn’t believe the doctor’s words. The doctor told Shel that there was another baby coming; she was apparently still pregnant due to complications. The doctors had never seen that; she was expecting twins. Luckily, they already noticed from the test results that the baby was still in good condition.

But Shelly wasn’t as calm as hoped; Shel started to worry. Next to that, she didn’t have the financial resources to take care of two babies. But Patrick interrupted Shel in her despair; Patrick was here to calm Shelly down. He ensured that they would fix this together.

After that, the doctor was in quite a hurry; this baby wasn’t supposed to be much longer in Shelle’s belly. So he had to do a cesarean section right away. With the surgery, they were able to quickly give birth to another daughter. Shelly was relieved; everything went fast and named this daughter after her grandmother Rose, which seemed a nice gesture to her family.

After that, the doctor had to do some last checkups. The doctor had to do some testing, as it wasn’t a standard procedure to be this much longer in Shell’s belly. It was tense hours as Shell already got attached to her new daughter. The doctor’s serious face quickly changed into a smile, and he told them that everything was all right with little Rose.

They were allowed to go home fairly soon after this, but that wasn’t all for Shelly. After the birth of their twins and the support she received from Patrick, they once again fell in love with each other. They were a happy family now, enjoying life to the fullest. We’re very glad this story has a happy end.

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