Boy Cries at His Mom’s Grave “Take Me Away”, Then Something Incredible Happens

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“A heartbroken young boy visits his mom’s grave and begs her to take him away. But then, something incredible happens. Kevin reached out and touched his mother’s headstone.

It was the first time he had been to the graveyard since the funeral, and the reality of his situation hit him like a ton of bricks. He collapsed to his knees with loud sobs escaping from his tiny body. The sound cut through the surrounding peace and quiet.

Miss you so much, Mom. Please take me away, I want to be with you,” he cried through flowing tears. He spoke to his mom’s headstone and told her all about his life at the orphanage, how there was nothing for him there. Kevin’s world had fallen apart at just 6 years old when his mother had tragically died. The days that followed were a blur as he was placed into the care of an orphanage.

The identity of Kevin’s father wasn’t known, and no other family members had been willing to take him in, so an orphanage was the only option.Kevin’s only bit of peace was in the dreams he had of being reunited with his much-loved mother. The other children in the orphanage were……Read Full Story Here………..

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