Boy Finds Old Abandoned Car In Forest, What He Finds Inside It Makes Him Shocked

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Justin loves going on hikes with his family—they all really enjoy it. It’s their favorite thing to do together. One day, while they were walking in the forest, Justin found a car that nobody seemed to be using anymore. And guess what? There was a box inside it, all locked up. Justin got curious and decided to figure out what was inside that mysterious box.

Now, the Jones family, which includes Justin, loves going on hikes to different cool places. They might go to the Forest Hills or up big mountains. This one time, they thought it would be fun to drive to a forest that was 100 miles away from their home. They set up a little campsite to spend the night there. While Justin was looking for mushrooms, something he likes to do, he suddenly realized he couldn’t see his family anymore. Uh-oh! He shouted for his mom and dad, but…Read Full Story Here…………..

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