Boy Sees Dad With Another Woman – Instead Of Telling His Mom, He Does Something Worse

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Ethan was playing in the yard when he suddenly heard a voice that sounded like his father’s. He ran to the fence and looked through a crack where a piece of wood was missing. He saw his dad, Adam, talking to a woman he had never seen before. Instead of telling it to his mother, Ethan did something way worse. It knew that he should tell his mother; she deserved to know what his father was up to with this previously unknown woman. But Ethan was still not planning on actually doing this.

In fact, he had something very different planned. After that, he needed to get in contact with the woman, which was not at all difficult because, to Ethan’s surprise, she actually knew who he was. When the young boy showed up at her home, she got the shock of her life. She was the last person she expected to see. But when Ethan told her what he wanted to do, she was immediately on board. She could not believe that such an idea came from somebody that young.

But who was this young woman? What was Ethan’s father doing with her? And what was Ethan going to do instead of telling his mother?

The four-year-old Ethan never really liked being inside of the house. He always wanted to be out and about. His mother, Eva, did not want him to go unsupervised, so when she was busy, Ethan was only allowed to play in the garden, something that Eden deemed very boring.

On more than one occasion, Ethan actually tried to escape from the garden and make his way to the nearby forest, but his mother would always get to him shortly after he got out. Because what Ethan did not know was that his parents had set up cameras in the garden to keep an eye on him.

Today was one of those days that Ethan was planning on getting out of that tiny garden. His mother was cooking dinner and would probably not be able to pay that much attention to him. She had been able to grab the keys to the gate and was ready to make a run for it.

But then he heard something. There was a voice right outside of the wooden fence, a voice that sounded extremely familiar to Ethan. It sounded just like the voice of his dad. But that would make no sense, as it was the afternoon, and his father would always be working around this time.

Ethan was by no means tall enough to peek over the wooden fence and see if it was actually his father, and he also did not dare to open the gate because if his father were to spot him doing it, he would be in big trouble. Well, luckily, there was another way.

The wooden fence surrounding the small garden was not in the best state. In fact, there was even a plank missing. Ethan could easily look through this, and there was a good chance that the person on the other side of the fence would not see him.

She could still hear the familiar voice talking outside of the garden, so Ethan quickly but silently snuck towards the hole in the fence. As he was looking through to find a source of the sound, he quickly spotted the man he expected. Clothing and side profile were unmistakable. That was his father outside of the fence.

Ethan was happy to see him, but was also confused. He was never near the house around this time, and that was not the only thing that caught little Ethan off guard. A little bit, his father was talking to a woman. She was clearly much younger than he was, but also a lot older than Ethan himself.

He had never seen this woman before, so Ethan was pretty sure that she was not one of their neighbors or family friends. But then who was she? The conversation between her and his father was seemingly very serious. It was clear that they were trying to keep their voices low, but the emotion was very clear for all to see.

Whatever they were talking about, it meant something to both of them. Even though Ethan could not understand what they were saying, he did feel very compelled to keep listening. It felt like this was something that he should not be seeing, that nobody should be seeing.

In fact, then the conversation ended. Even stranger than it started, almost out of nowhere, his father and the unknown woman gave each other a hug. A very tight hug that felt like it lasted for hours. Ethan had not even seen his father give his mother a hug like that. What the hell was he doing?

After the hug was done, Ethan expected his father to come to the house again and maybe take the woman with him. But this did not happen at all. His father quickly got back into the car, and the woman walked away from the house, and Ethan was left behind with so many questions.

He had no idea what had just happened, but he felt like it had significance. This was something really important that he had just witnessed without his father knowing. The young boy’s first instinct was to tell everything to his mother, but he ended up opting against that.

He had no idea what his father had done, and maybe his mother did not know either. And the last thing he wanted to do was get his father into trouble. She liked him a lot more than his mother because he was never that strict with him. But he still wanted answers.

So Ethan decided that he would get to the bottom of this. He did not know where to start, but when he looked through the fence, he could still see the woman. She was waiting at the nearby bus stop. Maybe he could follow her and find out where she lived.

His little heart was beating almost out of his chest. He had taken the bus before, but never alone, and he also did not have a ticket or something. But maybe he could sneak in without being noticed on one of the backside entrances. It was worth the risk in his eyes, and so he used the key to get out of the garden and snuck towards the bus stop.

He already saw the bus coming at this point, and so he knew that he had to be quick. The woman that he intended to follow was luckily in front of the bus and was not facing him. Ethan did not really know if that even mattered, as he had no idea if she knew who he was. Ethan kept a very close eye on the woman and also prayed that nobody would come through the bus and check if he had a ticket.

He then quickly went after her. Ethan had no idea where he was, but right now he did not care. He was completely focused on this woman, and she was already getting away from him. He started to go after her, trying to stay out of sight, which was not difficult because the woman did not look around. She was just going in a straight line with her head down until she eventually arrived at the rather decent-sized house.

Ethan looked from a distance and saw that an older lady opened the door. She seemed happy to see the young woman and kissed her on the forehead. Could that be her mother? Maybe this woman was younger than Ethan had anticipated. She had a key because she still lived with her parents.

But nothing explained why she was talking with his father near his house. Ethan had half a mind to just ring the doorbell and ask the woman straight up, but he did not dare to do that. He was not going to get anywhere with this. He had decided to follow the woman too quickly without figuring out what exactly he wanted to

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