Boy Sees Sister For The First Time, But Then He Makes a Shocking Discovery

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When this boy met his baby sister for the first time, he was so excited. He was eager to meet her all day. But when he finally saw her lying in the hospital, he noticed something. It was small and easy to miss, but what this boy discovered shocked everyone.

Cody stepped into the room where his little sister was resting. His eyes were full of wonder, and his proud father looked at the emotional scene from the doorway. He wondered what his little guy was thinking, but he never expected the following words to come out of Cody’s mouth.

Cody first looked at his sister with a happy smile, but his father soon saw the happy shimmer in his eyes disappear. It was replaced by a look of confusion as Cody inspected his baby sister more closely. He saw something that wasn’t supposed to be there. It was a small blinking light around the baby’s neck.

Curiously, Cody pulled down the blanket that covered his little sister. His father’s once-proud face was now filled with confusion as well. “What is that boy doing? She’ll get cold like this,” he thought. But then the baby’s neck was fully visible, and Cody took a few steps back in shock.

“Dad! Dad, come quickly!” Cody shouted.

Cody’s father ran over to the frightened boy. The reaction of his son scared him as well, and he was worried that he saw something wrong with his baby sister. Cody’s finger pointed towards the crib, and that’s when his father saw it too: a small blinking red light shone from his daughter’s collar.

Mark, Cody’s father, looked at the strange phenomenon in utter confusion. He was sure that it wasn’t there before. Mark stepped in more closely and ran his finger past his baby’s collar. The light popped off, and in his hand, he held the tiniest device. It looked like some sort of transmitter.

The sight of the small device started to worry Mark. This was not the kind of thing a hospital would place on a newborn baby, and he or his wife definitely did not put it there. He looked at his son, who was still staring at the blinking light.

“Come, we have to figure this out,” Mark said.

Mark walked across the hallway with the blinking light clutched in his hand. He had a feeling something bad had happened. When they finally reached the check-in lobby, Mark explained the situation to the nurse behind the counter.

“Was there someone in our baby’s room when we were gone?” Mark asked.

“I don’t think so,” the nurse answered. “No nurse or doctor has clocked into that room for hours,” she added.

But Mark wasn’t satisfied with that answer. Those were just numbers to him. He looked at the woman with a serious face and asked if he could view the camera footage. The hospital employee normally wasn’t allowed to, but looking at Mark and Cody’s worried faces and looking at the strange blinking light convinced her to take a look.

She rolled back the tape, and they watched the footage together. The room was empty for a while, but then a mysterious woman appeared on the screen. The woman was seen wandering around the room about half an hour ago. She was pacing around the room nervously at first, but then she bent over their daughter’s crib and fiddled around with the baby’s collar.

But she made one big mistake. The woman peered up only once but looked straight into the camera, and that’s when the alarm went off in the mind of the nurse watching.

“Something is not right. I know all my colleagues, and even though this woman is wearing a doctor’s coat, I’m 100% sure that she does not work in this hospital,” she said.

She looked at the father-son duo with fearful eyes, and that’s when panic struck. This woman was clearly impersonating a doctor of this hospital for a reason. She was doing something that definitely wasn’t allowed, and their baby girl was involved in all of this.

“Who is this woman, and what does she want with our daughter?” Mark thought.

But what scared Mark even more was the thought of his daughter being alone right at this very moment. He sprung up and grabbed Cody’s hand.

“We have to go check on her now,” he said in a hasty voice.

The nurse nodded in agreement as father and son jolted through the hallways. But then, the most terrifying thing imaginable happened.

Because when Mark and Cody reached the room where their daughter was supposed to be resting, they found nothing but an empty bed.

“She’s gone! We’re too late!” Cody said to his father, while crying intensely.

Mark couldn’t believe it.

“What the hell is going on?” Mark could feel his heart pounding in his chest as he sprinted with his son through the hallways of the hospital. This is horrible, he thought.

But when he reached the room of his resting wife, his adrenaline sunk again. Their baby girl was safely napping on his wife’s chest.

Unfortunately for them, this nightmare was far from over.

Mark’s wife saw the visible sweat drips on her husband’s forehead and asked what was going on. She never saw her two men look this pale before, and the sight of their panicked faces made her quite nervous.

“Is there something wrong? Is there something I should know about?” she asked.

Mark and Cody entered the room. The worried father kissed his wife and their baby girl, just to make sure that all of this was real. And that’s when Mark explained the bizarre occurrences that had been happening in this hospital: the red blinking light, the woman, all of it.

He saw the face of his wife change from calm to full-on panic. She stared at the light in Mark’s hand and then back at her newborn baby.

“A woman dressed up as an employee and was doing something to our daughter! What are you waiting for? You have to find her!” she called out.

Mark looked at his wife intently and knew she was right. This woman could still be around here somewhere. If she targeted their baby before, she could do so again.

And that moment came sooner than expected.

Because seconds later, Cody shouted and pointed to a window across the hall.

“Look over there!” the two parents followed Cody’s finger to a window of another room across the hall. The lights were on, and multiple babies were resting there. And they weren’t alone, because a woman that looked identical to the lady from the video was standing amongst them.

It was her. Mark was sure of it.

This was it. She had to be stopped. And Mark didn’t hesitate for one second. He told Cody to stay back and jolted out of the room.

“Hey, you! Stop right there!” he shouted.

The woman looked Mark straight in the eye but didn’t listen to his call. She pushed herself past him and jolted away. The once quiet hospital quickly turned into a scene from an action movie as an adrenaline-filled chase started between Mark and the mysterious woman.

She definitely had something to hide, because she did everything in her power to get rid of Mark. They ran through the hallways at high speed. The woman was fast, but Mark seemed to be faster. He gained ground on her and was determined to catch her.

But this woman wasn’t going to be caught that easy. She pushed an empty hospital bed in his path and flipped over

a medicine trolley, making hundreds of pills spill all over the floor. It was a last effort move, but unfortunately for Mark, it worked.

Because when Mark focused on avoiding the trolley, he ran into hospital staff. He fell to the floor, yelling, “Stop her!” as he went down. But it was too late.

As Mark scrambled to his feet, he saw the woman exiting through the front door. Mark ran out of the hospital and was now standing in the main parking lot with a frantic look on his face. He scanned his surroundings, hoping to catch a glimpse of the woman he was chasing.

And that’s when he saw her getting into her car. Maybe he could just make it there in time.

The chase had clearly exhausted the woman, and the panic of this situation definitely didn’t help. She was flustered, and Mark could detect it. As he ran towards the car, she was fiddling with her key, trying to get it in the ignition.

But by the time her car started, Mark was already there. Mark pulled open the door with force and grabbed the woman by her collar, almost dragging her out of the vehicle. As he pushed her body against the side of the car, he shouted at her.

“Who are you, and what have you done to my daughter?” he screamed violently.

The woman refused to let out a single word, no matter how hard Mark yelled. In the meantime, hospital security had arrived at the scene. Mark explained the situation, and the men agreed to detain the woman so Mark could call the police.

And that’s when things got really interesting.

The police answered the phone quicker than Mark expected. He was still out of breath from the chase and shouting at the woman. The police officer on the other end asked if Mark was okay, hearing his heavy breathing. But Mark uttered that he was fine but he needed them to come over as fast as they could.

He quickly explained the situation that occurred in the hospital, and he told them that they had caught the woman responsible for it all.

“I’m looking at her right now,” Mark said.

Mark expected a mild reaction from the police, but the officer reacted with an urgent voice, like he knew what Mark was talking about. The officer continued by saying that two police cars had been sent out to come to Mark’s aid and that they would arrive within the next couple of minutes.

“Sir, if what you are saying is true, then you might have done us a huge favor,” the officer said.

Mark didn’t understand, and the fast response time promised by the officer on the phone turned out to be true. Within minutes, two police cars drove onto the lot. Out of them stepped two large men in uniform.

They walked towards the woman and put her in handcuffs without question. Then, one of them walked over to Mark.

The officer asked Mark if he could see the transmitter Mark was referring to. Mark nodded and took the officer with him inside the hospital. This day couldn’t be any stranger.

“What is this all about?” Mark asked nervously.

The policeman said that he would know for sure after he saw the red light. As Mark and the policeman entered the room where his family was staying, he asked for the transmitter.

Cody had kept it close so that it wouldn’t get lost. The boy lifted the tiny device from his pants pocket and handed it over to the bulky policeman. He scanned the device intently.

“Hm, yes. This is exactly what we expected,” the large policeman said.

“What is it?” Mark’s wife asked, still frightened.

The officer explained that even though this device didn’t seem like much on the surface, it was actually an extremely clever device.

“This, my friend, is a tiny computer. And it can do a lot of things. This tiny little thing can do a vast number of things, and in the wrong hands, it can cause a lot of damage. First of all, it is a GPS system that can pinpoint its exact location. But furthermore, it can also disable alarms and even take over security cameras.”

“But why was it on our daughter?” Mark asked.

The officer had an explanation for that question as well. He said that they were hunting a certain gang for a while now, and these criminals had a particular target audience.

“They rob and steal, but only from families who have just received newborn babies. They remained uncaught, but that might change as of now. This tracker was found in all of the robbed homes, but it was always detected after the burglary already took place. It is hard to spot, but it seems that this tracker battery is running a bit low. That’s why it blinks red. And your son’s keen eye just might give us the edge in this case.”

And that’s when Mark had a great idea. He noted that the woman planting the trackers in the hospital was caught, so she couldn’t alert her fellow members, and as far as they knew, her mission was a success.

“What if we placed the tracker in our home? Would the burglars then come?” Mark asked.

The policeman looked at Mark and nodded his head in agreement.

“Yes, that might just work,” the man said.

But Mark didn’t want to leave them with just a plan. He wanted to give them assistance. So, he offered to come along, and he was not taking no for an answer.

The policeman was hesitant at first. It was unheard of for a civilian to tag along on an arrest. But they needed Mark to open the house for them. And so, if Mark promised to stay in the van as the mission started, he could come along.

Mark agreed and stepped into the police vehicle. The two officers swapped their cars for an unmarked van, and together they drove over to Mark’s house.

There, Mark placed the transmitter on the table, and now the waiting could begin. They watched from the car window as day turned into night. In about 3 hours, and that’s when it happened.

Two men in hooded clothes stepped out of a car a little further down the road. They made their way over to Mark’s house, and as expected, they managed to open the front door without any hassle. No alarm went off, and Mark could see how stealthy their operation was.

But that was about to change. They decided to wait for just a moment, wait until the burglars were deep in the house and felt safe enough to be caught off guard.

Mark saw a flashlight moving through his house. The men eliminated every room one by one, but now it was time to catch them. The officer next to Mark gave the sign. Mark saw the two large policemen sneak out of the car and make their way over to his house.

This was scary and exciting all at once. The officers went into the house, and within minutes, they surrounded the burglars. They were caught completely off guard. One was pushed to the ground, but something went wrong.

The first burglar was instantly detained, but one of the men managed to escape their clutches and was running out of the house. There was no way the officers could catch him in time. But fortunately for Mark, the burglar was running straight for his van.

This was Mark’s moment. It was now or never, and Mark knew this to be true. He knew that if he did not stop the burglar now, he would definitely get away. Mark was nervous, but he was determined. So, when the burglar passed the sliding door

of the van, Mark jumped out and landed on top of the man.

It was a bold and heroic move, and even the policemen who rushed out of the house with the other burglar in cuffs were amazed at the bravery of the father.

They arrived at Mark’s location and took over, grabbing the man and throwing both of them in the back of the police car. Back at the police station, they found out that the entire gang was made up of these three people: the two male burglars and the woman who planted the devices in the hospital.

And it was because of Cody and his father that they were able to apprehend them. But that was not all, because one week later, a strange letter arrived in the mailbox of their home.

They were all arrested and had time to reflect on the bizarre thing that happened that day. But there was room for one more adventure, and that adventure came in the form of a formal invitation.

The letter was signed anonymously, but it was written with cheerfulness. It asked Mark and his family to come over to the police station. There was one more thing that needed to be done. Mark and his family didn’t question it, and they drove over to the place, and there they would receive a huge surprise.

When they arrived at the station, they were met by the officers as well as all the families who were struck by the burglars. Thanks to them, all their belongings were recovered, and the gang was caught. They were received as true heroes and honored by all people attending.

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