BOY Sleeps In Backyard Tent For 3 Years Until Neighbors Realize Something’s Wrong

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The neighbors couldn’t believe their eyes when they looked through their upstairs bedroom window. They were appalled; there was a tent in their neighbor’s backyard.

Whoever was inside it had them calling the authorities. They wanted to get their neighbors arrested for what they were doing and they refused to stop until they were forced to leave the neighborhood for good.

It was a quiet afternoon for the residents of Holly Springs in North Carolina. Doug Jennings was a retired police chief of the Holly Springs Police Department. Since retiring, he spent his days birdwatching and serving as the leader of their local neighborhood watch patrol.

He enjoyed it, proud that he could still serve his community in some way.Doug and Ruth, his wife, had lived in Holly Springs all their lives. They were still high school sweethearts and shared two grown children who now had children of their own. Their family was……Read Full Story Here………

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