BOY Slips Note to OFFICER at Coffee Shop, Reads It and Springs Into Action

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“Boy slips note to officer at coffee shop. Reads it and springs into action. Officer John Stewart was completely floored when he saw the handwritten note the 9-year-old boy had just spoken to leave on his table. If it were any other boy with any other story, it wouldn’t bother him as much.

But he was personally involved in the situation, and that made him feel sick to his stomach. How on Earth did things end up going so far?

Officer Stewart was a deputy at the Florida State Police Department, and even though he adored his job, there was one thing life had taught him over the years: he needed to enjoy the little things in life. And he did that by making a stop every single morning while he was on his way to work.

Officer Stewart loved stopping at his local coffee shop before work; it was his daily routine, the one thing he did to get some peace and quiet before facing the day ahead. He had done it for over 10 years and had no intention of……Read Full Story Here………

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