Boy Tells His Mother He Has a Twin Brother At School. She cries upon seeing a photo of them Together

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“A mother would never have imagined that she would see a photo of her son next to a little boy identical to him. And what she would discover about that boy would make her world fall apart. That morning, Helena woke up with the feeling that something was different.

It had been an intense night, marked by a recurring dream that she had for years. But on this occasion, it had unfolded in an unusual way.

As she woke up, the image of the dream still hung in her mind: clear and disturbing. “What a strange feeling,” she thought as she headed for the kitchen. She started her morning preparing breakfast and packing up her son Lucas’s things so that she could take him to school. A morning just like any other, but with every move, the dream came back to her mind like an echo that didn’t want to be silenced.In her memories of this recurring dream, Helena always saw Lucas playing happily with another boy, a boy whose face she couldn’t see clearly. They were running together…….Read Full Story Here………

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