Boy With Divorced Parent Returns From Father With Ripped Pants, Mother Turns Pale Realizing Why !

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Jacob’s parents are divorced. He spent the weekend with his dad but came home with ripped pants. When his mom asked why, Jacob didn’t respond. It seemed like Jacob was scared of something or someone. Jacob’s mom decides to call his dad, who didn’t answer the phone.

When the mother called the father’s new girlfriend, she revealed why the pants were ripped, and it’s something no parent wanted to hear. She had to take immediate action. There was one thing for certain: Jacob’s mom wasn’t going to let Jacob go to his father for a long while. She kept the agreements of Jacob’s custody apart, now that she knew how he treated his son.But what had happened to Jacob causing his pants to tear? What did his father do to him? Why was Jacob so scared, and why was his mother so terribly shocked to……Read Full Story Here…………………….

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