Mother Beats And Kills Her Daughter, Leaves Her Body in the House for Days Before Dumping It in Trash

According a report by Law and Crime on. Tuesday, December 26, 2023, mother in Phoenix, Arizona, has been arrested and charged with murder after police found the body of her young daughter in a dumpster on Christmas Eve. Sophia Simmons, 38, allegedly confessed to a friend that she had beaten...

Mom, who claims didn’t know she was pregnant, went to a hotel room and gave birth to a baby girl, police says she never called 911 or sought medical attention for her baby, but tossed the newborn into the ocean; sentenced

According to the court documents, the young mother, later identified as Arya, was sentenced to 14 years in prison followed by 10 years of probation. The woman reportedly killed her newborn baby, who she didn’t named, and threw the baby’s body in ocean. The 29-year-old mother was initially charged with...
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