Child CRIES at his mother’s funeral, and then the coffin starts shaking “MOMMY, DON’T LEAVE ME

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A little boy cries at his mother’s funeral, and lying over on the coffin, he shouts, “Mom, please don’t leave me! I need you!” Then, as if by a miracle, the coffin begins to shake, leaving everyone in the room in shock. And when they open the coffin, they can’t believe their eyes.

Samira arrived home with her shoulders heavy from exhaustion. The day had been hard for the nurse. Her uniform was wrinkled, and she threw her backpack on the table with a sigh of relief. Her job was stressful, dealing with patients in delicate situations every day, and fatigue seemed to have taken hold of her whole being, as it always did.

“Ah, thank God, my couch, my beautiful comfortable couch,” she said, falling onto it, which was more like an oasis now. She closed her eyes for a moment, trying to relax and put the challenging day behind her. However, her brief moment of tranquility was interrupted by the excited voice of her little son, Franklin, who ran towards her.

“Mommy, mommy, you’re here! Mommy!” The little one jumped on top of her, filling the room with his contagious joy. Samira, exhausted as she was, turned around and hugged her little boy warmly. His embrace was like a shot of energy and love that made all the stress of the day disappear. Franklin was her world, her reason for moving on and facing life’s difficulties.

Then Amanda, the nanny, came after him. “Oh, I’m so glad you’re here, Samira. I’ll call it a day. He was already in bed, but when he heard you coming in, he ran after you. I couldn’t hold him.”

“It’s okay, Amanda. See you tomorrow. I’ll put him in bed again, right, son?” the nurse said, smiling at her son. She picked up the little boy and took him straight to his room, while the nanny said goodbye and left the house.

On the way to the bedroom, the mother began to talk to her son about her day. Franklin was always enchanted by the stories the woman told about the people she cared for, the different illnesses she had to deal with at the hospital. “And how was your day, my love?” Samira asked as she put him to bed.

The little one, settling in, replied excitedly, “It was great, mommy! I learned about the human body at school today. When I grow up, I want to be a doctor like you!”

The woman smiled tenderly and kissed her son’s forehead. “That’s wonderful, dear, but I’m a nurse, not a doctor. Even so, both nurses and doctors look after people and help them to get well.”

“No problem, mom. One day, I want to be just like you,” Franklin said with determination in his bright little eyes.

Samira laughed softly and caressed her son’s cheek. “You can be anything you want, my love. The important thing is that you follow your dreams.”

After a brief moment of conversation, the mother told the boy a bedtime story, as she always did. When he finally fell asleep, she closed the bedroom door, leaving him to sleep in peace. Finally, the nurse went to her own room. She took a shower to relax her tense muscles, changed out of her uniform into comfortable pajamas, and lay down on the bed. “Finally,” she thought, but her thoughts turned to the challenges that the next day would bring.

The life of a single mother was full of difficulties, even if the love she felt for Franklin was her driving force. Her life wasn’t as easy as it seemed. Samira was a 37-year-old woman, a dedicated nurse, and her life was centered around her son, who was only 8 years old. She carried the weight of being a single mother, as her marriage had ended bitterly. Her ex-husband had abandoned both her and little Franklin, refusing to take any responsibility.

The woman’s life has never been a bed of roses. In her youth, she dreamed of becoming a doctor, but her plans were interrupted when she discovered that she was pregnant while studying to get into medical school. She made a difficult choice and gave up her dream to give birth to Franklin. However, after the baby was a little older, determined to give her child the best she could, Samira went back to school and decided she would study nursing, as it would be a similar field to the one she had always dreamed of and would take much less time to graduate than medicine. She never regretted her decision; it was a profession she loved because it allowed her to help people and witness hope returning to patients’ eyes.

However, being a nurse was a stressful job, too. The woman devoted every bit of her energy and soul to caring for her patients in the hospital. She faced long working hours, constant stress, and worries about her own health, as her benefits and salary were not enough to maintain a peaceful lifestyle. She often found herself putting off medical appointments because her main priority was Franklin’s well-being. The apartment they lived in was still not fully paid for, and the debts were piling up. Samira lived under constant financial pressure and uncertainty about the future.

As a single mother, she felt the burden of raising the little boy alone while working long hours and coming home exhausted. She longed for the precious moments when she could be with her son. The little boy spent most of his days with Amanda, the nanny, who was a trusted friend of the nurse. They both got on very well, but the best part of Franklin’s day was when his mother finally came home. He longed for this moment, as she was his world, just as he was hers. The love of mother and son was deep and unbreakable, and the two of them enjoyed every second they could be together.

On weekends, they used to go to the park, where Samira and Franklin enjoyed their free time. They rode bikes, played hide and seek, and shared laughs and conversations as they enjoyed each other’s company. The woman was an incredible mother, and the bond between them remained unshakable. But neither Samira nor the little boy had any idea that their lives would be drastically changed by a completely unexpected and cruel event.

One day, like any other, the nurse arrived home in the evening after a long day of exhausting work at the hospital. Her son ran towards her, as usual, eager to hug her. But something was different. Samira stopped him before he got too close.

“No, no, my love. Mom’s sick. I think I caught the flu at the hospital,” she explained in a weak voice, coughing. The little boy’s face showed concern, and he asked, “What are you feeling, mommy?”

“Mom’s a bit dizzy, honey. My throat hurts. I don’t know. I’ll do some tests later, okay? But today, you have to lie down on your bed and stay there. Otherwise, you’ll get sick too, and won’t be able to go to school. You don’t want to make your friends sick too, do you?” she said. The woman knew how much the boy loved school, and that he would never want to stay at home instead of going to see his classmates.

Franklin agreed, worried about his mother, and obeyed her orders. However, the next day,

at around 8:00 a.m., the little boy woke up and went down to the kitchen to have breakfast with his mother, as he did every day. He always got up at that time to have breakfast with her before getting ready for school. While the nurse got ready for work that day, however, she wasn’t there.

Worried, Franklin rushed to the bedroom and found a devastating scene. His mother was lying down with a high fever, in a cold sweat. The boy panicked, but Samira helped him get a thermometer to take her temperature. It showed a fever of 107°. Franklin took her cell phone and immediately called Amanda, the nanny.

It wasn’t long before she was at the house. Amanda entered the room and tried to look after her friend, following the nurse’s instructions. But Samira was more concerned about getting back to work. She feared she would lose her job and would have no way of supporting herself and her son.

“I’m fine, Amanda. Let me go,” she insisted, trying to get up and get ready for work. But the nanny was determined and stopped her.

“No, Sammy, you’re not well. Look at you, you’re a mess. You’ve got a high fever, you’re coughing. No, just stay here,” said the nanny firmly.

Amanda called the hospital and explained the situation, telling them that her friend wouldn’t be working that day. But what they didn’t expect was that the situation would worsen rapidly over the course of the week.

Samira coughed incessantly, and after a while, began to cough up blood. That’s when the girl rushed her to the hospital. Doctors discovered that the woman was suffering from severe pneumonia. Despite all efforts to treat her, her condition progressively worsened.

The little boy was devastated, but nothing could prepare him for the terrible blow he was about to face. Samira, the strong and dedicated woman who worked tirelessly as a nurse to give her son the best life possible, couldn’t resist the disease and passed away.

At just 8 years old, Franklin was left without a mother, and his world fell apart. “No, mommy, no!” The news of Samira’s death spread quickly through the hospital, leaving everyone in shock and despair. Co-workers, nurses, and doctors who knew and admired her gathered in groups, sharing tears and words of grief.

“I can’t believe she’s gone. She was so young, so full of life. My God, what happened? She was always so dedicated to her patients. She was an incredible nurse. How could this happen?” Nobody understood how the situation had gotten to that point.

The despair also extended to the woman’s relatives, who arrived at the hospital upon receiving the tragic news. Her parents, relatives, and even her ex-husband, who until then had remained distant, showed up to pay his last respects.

Amanda arranged the wake with Samira’s relatives, and the next day, everyone was together. The funeral hall was filled with sad faces and silent tears. Everyone was deeply shaken by the untimely loss of such a dear and hardworking woman, a woman who had dedicated her life to caring for others.

The atmosphere was full of sadness and longing. At the center of all this lamentation was Franklin, the little boy. Next to the coffin, he couldn’t contain his pain and confusion. He screamed and cried inconsolably, unable to accept the reality of his mother’s death.

“No, she’s not dead! She’s not dead!” repeated the terrified little boy as tears streamed down his face. The nanny tried to console the boy. She took him to the back of the church, away from the gaze of the others who were also in mourning. There, she hugged him and tried to find words of comfort for him.

“My darling, I know you’re feeling terrible, but your mommy is gone. She’s in heaven now, and we have to wish her well there. She’s with God now, the best place she could be,” Amanda said lovingly, holding the little boy in her arms.

Franklin sobbed and shook his head in denial, unable to accept the terrible reality that was bearing down on him. “No, no! Mom can’t be gone. I know she wouldn’t leave me. She wouldn’t leave me alone,” he cried.

After he calmed down a bit, Amanda took him back to the main hall so that he could say goodbye for the last time, as the coffin would soon be taken away for burial. The boy, standing in front of his mother, immediately had his mind flooded with memories and happy times with her. He didn’t want her to go, but the moment the coffin lid was closed and the little boy looked at his mother’s pale face for the last time, realizing that he would never see her again, tears streamed down his little face as he screamed as loud as he could, “Mom, please don’t leave me!”

His voice was full of sadness and despair, and then something absolutely unbelievable happened. The coffin began to shake, almost imperceptibly at first, but it soon became more evident. The people around were shocked and perplexed by what they were witnessing. The coffin lid, which had been closed so carefully, began to move slowly, as if someone was trying to open it from the inside.

The silence in the funeral was evident. What was happening was impossible. Family and friends were astonished. How was it possible that Samira’s coffin was moving? Amanda, instinctively, backed away, and others who were standing next to the coffin, ready to take it away for burial, also hesitated. People’s minds began to wander in search of explanations.

Was it some kind of supernatural phenomenon? Had Franklin, with his unwavering love for his mother, awakened some kind of miracle? Suddenly, the movement stopped, and everyone turned their attention to the coffin.

Franklin, with tears streaming down his face, slowly approached the coffin. His expression was full of curiosity and hope. He placed both hands on the coffin and leaned over, bringing his ear close to the cold wood. It was then that he heard, in a faint, almost inaudible whisper, “Get me out of here. I’m alive. Get me out of here.”

The boy jumped backwards, his eyes wide with amazement. He shouted loud and clear, “My mother is alive! Get her out, get her out!”

The news that the nurse might be alive seemed too absurd to be true, and it took everyone a few moments to process what was happening. But the little boy’s words echoed through the church. The nanny, without hesitation, lifted the lid of the coffin, and there she was, Samira, her eyes open, struggling to breathe. Her hands were shaking, and her breathing was weak, but it was undeniable. She was alive.

Panic gripped everyone, but action was swift. The woman was rushed to the hospital, where a team of doctors and nurses gathered to provide first aid. The shock on the faces of those who witnessed this inexplicable event was evident, and the question that wouldn’t go away was on people’s minds: How could a woman who was presumed dead come back to life?

The news spread through the city like wildfire. Reporters flocked to the hospital door, eager to get information about the nurse who had risen from the dead. Amanda, being a loyal and protective friend, tried to keep the curious and the press away,

but the story was too big to be kept secret. The world wanted to know what had happened to Samira. Why did she die, or rather, why didn’t she die? How did she come back to life?

The life of that woman and everyone around her had been turned upside down by this extraordinary event. Here’s what happened:

It all started when she contracted a hospital infection while caring for a patient in the hospital. Pneumonia, which began as a simple respiratory infection, quickly worsened, bringing her to the brink of death. But what made this story truly impressive was her condition called Lazarus Syndrome. This rare and mysterious condition made Samira appear to be dead. Her limbs remained immobile, her breathing almost disappeared, and her vital signs decreased dramatically. She was in a state that could easily be mistaken for real death.

What makes Lazarus Syndrome even more intriguing is its reversibility. Although there are few studies and explanations of this condition, it can be reversed, but the process is poorly understood. Some believe that factors such as extreme stress or exceptional circumstances trigger this condition. Although science still has no definitive answers, Franklin, the little boy, was the vital link that brought about the miraculous turnaround. If it hadn’t been for his insistence and unwavering love for his mother, no one would have believed him when he said that his mother was still alive. It was their love that broke the barrier between life and death, bringing Samira somehow back to the world of the living.

After the shocking episode, the woman returned home safe and sound, but with a story that seemed straight out of a fairy tale. The hospital recognized her dedication and rewarded her with a substantial salary increase, considering that she had worked for years without any adjustments to her pay. In addition, she received a generous severance package for all those years of working without an adjustment, which finally allowed her to catch up on some of the bills that had been outstanding for so long.

With the improvement in her financial situation, the woman was able to find some peace and relief from the stress that had haunted her for so long. The turnaround also brought about a significant change in the nurse’s personal life. Her ex-husband, who had attended her funeral, realized the error of his ways and decided to take responsibility for parenting Franklin. He tried to, at least, be a part of the boy’s life, starting to get close to him and trying to play his part as a father. He and Samira didn’t get back together, but she was happy that her son could have a father figure in his life, something he had longed for.

Over time, things gradually got better for her and her little one. Life returned to some semblance of balance and normality, and hope replaced the shadows of the past. And so, the extraordinary story of a simple nurse showed everyone that even in the darkest and most inexplicable moments, incredible things can happen. You just have to be willing to see it. If you liked the story, surely the next video that’s appearing on your screen will move you too.

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