Coast Guard Intercepts Strange Blue Boat – Then They Take A Look Inside They Were Left In Shock

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“It was Jake’s first day as a Coast Guard officer, and it was going to be a day he would never forget. He was sent off on a mission to check out an unmanned Blue Boat, which they assumed was lost at sea. As the newest member of the team, he would be the one to enter the Blue Boat first. Against everybody’s expectations, it would lead to a complete disaster.

Jake was doing his best to hide the fact that his hands were shaking as he opened the hatch. As he finally managed to open the hatch, he let himself slide into the boat.

He had not been prepared for this. What should he do now? Jake made his way out of the boat as quickly as he could, and as soon as the other officers saw the look on his face, they knew something was wrong. But what had happened? What had Jake seen inside the boat? And whose boat was it anyway? The Coast Guard had received various reports about an……..Read Full Story Here……….

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