Cop Arrested 9-yr-old Black Girl. 10 Minutes Later The Unexpected Took Place That Left Her In Shock

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When a cruel and merciless cop decided to arrest a 99-year-old black girl for just playing in the street, she thought no one would oppose her authority. However, only 10 short minutes later, the police officer deeply regretted her actions as the policewoman read what she recognized as her Miranda rights.

Little Alicia could do nothing but cry and ask herself what was happening.Her parents had repeatedly told her that as a black child, she would always have to be twice as careful and respectful than her peers, especially around armed officers. But this time, she was almost certain that she had done nothing wrong. A few days earlier, her parents had gifted her a mini scooter, and she’d been riding it ever since. She loved that toy, and since her house was at the…….Read Full Story Here…………………………

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