Couple Finds Old Safe During Renovation, Then Their Landlord Tells Them This

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With a baby on the horizon, this couple needed extra space in their home. They planned to remodel their house but never expected to find an old safe during the renovation. They were curious about the safe’s contents, but everything would change once the landlord arrived because he had something very interesting to say.

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The couple thought about it hard and soon realized their house was too small for them to start a family. Of course, the baby needed a room, but there wasn’t one to spare. They liked this home very much, and their solution was to remodel. The couple thought it out and planned the perfect renovation. Mark got his mind on it and got to work, but something bothered Stacy as she watched Mark tearing down the first wall.

The two of them had planned this renovation without contacting the landlord, which bothered her. She had told her husband they needed to do that, but he was convinced it didn’t matter as long as they paid rent. But her feelings couldn’t be ignored any longer, so she decided to call the landlord.

As Stacy grabbed her phone and dialed the landlord, Mark finally broke through the first wall. Due to its collapse, some of the floorboards also came loose, and her husband let out an excited yell. Stacy wasn’t close enough to see what happened, but it seemed like her husband had found something interesting. Stacy heard the line ringing as she approached her husband, who was busy on the floor. Mark moved some of the remaining floorboards and pulled on something beneath the floor. When Stacy saw it, she couldn’t help but let out a gasp of surprise.

Then the landlord answered his phone. “Hello, Pete speaking.” The landlord’s voice woke her up from staring at her husband. Stacy rambled at first but then found her footing. She explained they were renovating the house and had just stumbled upon something interesting—a rusty cube-like thing hidden under the floorboards, she said.

“What?” Pete reacted furiously and demanded that they stop immediately. “Don’t do anything until I’m there! I’m on my way!” After which, he hung up. Stacy stood in the middle of the room, frustrated at her husband. The couple stared at the broken wall and realized they were in trouble. The landlord sounded furious about them renovating the house, but they would soon discover the real reason he was angry.

Not much later, the doorbell rang. Stacy hurried to the front door with a quivering breath and opened it. She didn’t even get the opportunity to welcome the landlord in. “Where is it? Where is it?” Pete said as he forced himself into the couple’s home the moment the door opened.

“The broken wall?” she asked, confused, but the landlord wasn’t interested in the wall. “What broken wall?” Pete reacted frustratedly. “Where is the weird discovery you and your husband made? A square box?”

He rushed through the house. “This way,” Stacy said to the landlord as she pointed him in the right direction. As they arrived, Mark was still busy with the floorboards. Stacy looked at Pete as he approached her husband, and for a quick second, a shocked expression appeared on his face. Stacy watched how Mark and Pete removed the last pieces of debris together. She and her husband both gasped as they stared at the old rusty safe that was now visible.

“What is this?” she asked, switching her gaze between her husband and the landlord. She noticed he wasn’t fazed by the finding at all. Stacy pricked her ears to be able to hear it. “I’m sorry, Father. I thought you were crazy,” the landlord whispered. The words greatly confused Stacy. It seemed like Pete knew more about this, so they confronted him.

“What is this thing? What do you know?” Stacy asked, trying to sound confident and not confused.

“This was my father’s dying wish,” he said as if that would clear everything up. He explained that last year his father suddenly became very ill, and on his deathbed, he told Pete to find and protect the safe. But this greatly confused him at the time. “We didn’t have a safe, as far as I knew,” Pete said, his eyes watery.

The landlord explained he had searched his entire house for the safe and eventually gave up. Stacy and Mark were in disbelief after hearing Pete’s story and didn’t know how to react. “What could be so important to be hidden that well? What was inside?”

The landlord suddenly reappeared with a crowbar and knelt beside the safe. The couple curiously stepped closer to the landlord, who was trying his best to get the safe open. The moment the safe’s door opened, the couple inched closer to get a look inside, but the landlord only opened the safe very slightly and placed himself in front of it so that Mark and Stacy couldn’t look inside. Then Pete suddenly closed the safe and stepped back. There was a note in his hands, and he was quietly reading it.

The mysterious note only made the couple more curious, and they waited impatiently to find out what was going on. Then he suddenly looked up furiously at the couple. “What is it?” Stacy asked, concerned. The landlord’s face turned red as he opened his mouth.

“You need to get out of this house now!” Pete yelled at the couple furiously, causing them to startle. Mark and Stacy looked at their landlord with confused gazes and didn’t know how to react. The furious landlord was now really scaring Stacy, and she pulled her husband toward the front door.

“All right, we’re going,” she exclaimed to Pete, who followed closely behind. When they left their house, they heard the door close with a loud bang. The couple was now standing alone in their yard, incredibly confused and anxious. Since Mark and Stacy came here, their relationship with the landlord was fine. He didn’t come over for social visits, but they never had any problems and no reason for Pete to behave like this. He was normally a very calm and generous person. Stacy was worried something terrible was going on.

When Stacy shared her worrying thoughts, the couple started panicking. If they weren’t allowed back, they had a big problem. “There has to be something we can do,” Mark said, trying to sound hopeful. As the couple was thinking of ways to mend the relationship with Pete, they were startled by the front door opening. The couple anxiously looked toward the door. What was Pete going to do with them? But to their surprise, the landlord’s expression had changed entirely. His face was back to its normal color, and he looked calm and collected.

He cleared his throat and said, “I owe you an apology and an explanation.” The sudden change in the landlord’s behavior shocked the couple, who didn’t know how to react. They followed Pete to the living room where he sat down and gestured for Mark and Stacy to do the same. Then the landlord laid the note on the table and said something surprising. “This note was left for me by my father.” Stacy saw tears appear in his eyes as he said it.

“He asked me to find and protect the safe, but I never managed to do that,” Pete said as he wiped away some tears. “Instead, I gave up and rented the house. But the dream remained.” The landlord explained it became too much when he realized he had been renting the house all this time. Pete explained that he had never considered this house valuable, but now that he knew the history, he had to make a hard decision.

“It was a mistake ever renting this place, and I’m very sorry, but you can’t rent it anymore,” he said. This was what the couple had been dreading, and they panicked. Mark didn’t accept this situation and got angry. “This can’t stand! We’re about to have a baby! Where do we go?” he shouted.

But the landlord remained calm and told them he wouldn’t let them stand in the cold. “You found the safe. For that, I have to repay you,” he said. Mark didn’t know what to say and sat down after lunging up from anger.

“What do you mean?” he asked. A smile appeared on Pete’s face as he explained he couldn’t let a pregnant woman live on the streets. “I have something in mind.” Curious to know what he had in mind, Stacy pushed him to share his idea. Eventually, Pete told them that he would help them find a new place—on one condition. He added, “You have to help me renovate this place,” he told Mark.

The couple took time to discuss this option but soon realized they had no choice. They had to trust the landlord and hope he would help them find a place as he promised. “Okay, I will help you,” Mark said.

The couple stayed in the house while renovating. When the house was finished, Pete was thrilled. It was a completely different house, and the landlord thought this was precisely what his father had dreamed of. The couple was happy for him but also worried it meant they had to go. Was Pete going to live up to his promise?

After just a short drive, Pete stopped in front of a lovely house. Stacy could swear she remembered this house from somewhere but didn’t know where. When everyone was out of the car, Pete gestured to the house and handed over the keys. “You can live here. I hope it’s to your liking,” he said. Mark and Stacy couldn’t believe what they heard and stared at Pete and the house.

Then Stacy suddenly remembered. This was Pete’s house, and they had come here to sign the rental contract. This was something they couldn’t accept, but the landlord kept insisting. “This is your payment for helping me,” he said.

The couple went inside, and Stacy started to sob. The house was perfect. No matter how hard they tried, Pete didn’t accept their refusal and soon left them in their new home. Soon after, Stacy gave birth to

a beautiful daughter, and they made Pete the godfather after becoming close friends.

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