Dad Placed Camera In His Daughter’s Coffin. When He Turned It on At Night, He Was Terrified

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Daniel Stamper was a veteran of the United States Army. He had served his country honorably for more than 15 years, so when the time came for him to retire from the service, he did so with dignity. Unfortunately, that time came much sooner than expected. It happened while he was on a surveillance mission in a conflict zone.

A mine that radars failed to detect exploded right next to him, causing him multiple injuries and the loss of his left leg. It was a hard setback that he had to face and that caused him great sadness, but he never gave up. In spite of everything, Daniel was very clear that he would not let his disability make him feel less human nor prevent him from achieving his dreams, whatever they were.

After fully recovering from his injuries and feeling good about himself and his new condition, Stamper decided to venture into real estate and try his luck in real estate investing, a risky but wise decision that gave him the financial breakthrough he desperately craved after leaving the military. It was always clear to Daniel that he wanted to live a life of comfort and luxury.

He wanted to be rich so he could take care of all the people who meant the world to him, and of course, his wife Grace topped that list. They had been married for six years, and for Daniel, they had been the best years of his life. Too bad only he had that vision of what their marriage had meant.

Grace Stamper was always a loving, caring, and beautiful wife. She married very much in love with her brand new husband, a decorated soldier with an extensive career in the US Army. However, all that admiration and love she felt for Daniel disappeared the day he lost his leg.

After the tragic incident, Grace became cold, and her feelings for him disappeared almost completely, which makes us think that the love she felt for her husband was never real but simple interest and a way to feel fulfilled by becoming the wife of a successful man, something Daniel never realized. In public, Grace pretended to be loving and affectionate with her husband, but when they were alone, she was hostile again and didn’t care about his feelings.

The truth is that she lost her attraction to Daniel the moment he lost his leg, and even after he got an artificial leg, it didn’t change how she felt about him. She loathed him, and the worst part was that she made no effort to hide it either. In fact, everyone seemed to be aware of his wife’s new feelings except Daniel, who was still just as in love with her as the first day.

“It makes me sick. I hate seeing his crutches and how he limps. How long do I have to put up with this?” Grace complained to her friends whenever they saw each other, and they advised her to keep putting up with it until she found a better option. But Grace soon ran out of patience and began secretly filing for divorce. She was convinced to end her marriage to Daniel and put an end to a relationship that only made her feel frustration and rejection. She was, until something happened that would quickly change her mind.

Guess what? Indeed, Daniel’s real estate business, which Grace had been adamantly opposed to, suddenly took off, and he closed a multi-million dollar real estate deal that changed his entire life. In an instant, he went from a mere war veteran with a modest salary to a wealthy man, very rich. Seeing that Daniel was now wealthy, Grace knew she couldn’t go through with the divorce. Of course, she hated his injury and loathed her husband, but she was deeply in love with his money, so she decided to stay and keep pretending. After all, he didn’t seem to notice anything at all. She would soon learn to deal with him.

She suddenly went from being hostile and unfriendly to being loving, affectionate, and understanding, and poor Stamper, who was still deeply in love with his wife, didn’t notice the difference. He didn’t realize that she had fallen out of love with him long ago and was simply putting up with him for his money. Perhaps it was the love he felt for her that prevented him from seeing reality, or perhaps Grace was a very good actress, as well as intelligent and hypocritical. But things would not be so easy for her.

As the weeks went by, Grace found that she had to put up with more and more things from her husband, like Daniel often needing help around the house with simple chores, her having to run errands for him, and even give him rides. All of this she put up with and did so with a fake smile on her face. It was bearable for her, as the amount of money they were handling at the time made up for it all. She had never been so rich, and that, for someone as self-interested and materialistic as Grace, was the most important thing.

But everyone has a limit, and Grace’s patience hit a ceiling when Daniel told her he wanted to adopt a child and become parents. That day was the first time she would stop pretending, and she was really scared of what might happen if she went through with her charade.

“I’ve already told you I don’t want to be a mother. We’ve never wanted children. I don’t like children. Why are you doing this to me, Daniel? I’m not good enough for you anymore? You’re bored, that’s it, isn’t it?” she shouted angrily when her husband told her about his desire to adopt.

But Stamper was determined to do it, and ignoring his wife’s protests, he told her, “Honey, I’m not talking about adopting just any child. I’m talking about taking in my best friend’s daughter, Violet. Harry died just a couple of months ago, and she is now an orphan. His wife died in childbirth, and he had taken care of her without anyone’s help, but fate is cruel and has left that poor child all alone in this world. We have to take her in. I promised him. I told him that if anything happened to him, he could count on me to take care of her, and I am going to do it.”

Daniel was determined to keep his promise, and Grace didn’t seem to have any choice in convincing her husband to do otherwise. Stamper did not want the child to be taken to an orphanage, and after much arguing and struggling to persuade his wife that adoption would be a good thing for both of them, she finally relented.

“You won’t regret it, my love. That girl is an angel and will bring a lot of joy to our home, I’m sure,” Daniel told her excitedly. That’s how the duo started the adoption process, which was quite fast and smooth, so in just a couple of weeks, they were able to legally adopt the girl and become a family of three.

When Violet got home, it was as if everyone had been waiting for her—everyone except Grace, that is. The little girl radiated kindness and joy wherever she went, causing Daniel to quickly grow fond of her. Grace, however, failed to connect with the girl, and every time she approached her, she gave her a cold look and treated her with disdain. Seeing the woman’s reaction, the child would cry and run to her caregiver or her father.

“Don’t worry, honey. Mommy’s just in a bad mood. You can play with her tomorrow, okay?” Daniel used to tell Violet. Stamper continued to be oblivious to his wife’s true personality and tried not to make light of the coldness with which she treated their daughter.

One of the reasons Grace resented Violet was because Daniel seemed to have transferred all of his affection for her to Violet. She noticed that Daniel no longer begged for her attention like he used to and even stopped buying her gifts. Her jealousy grew to such an extent that it made her paranoid.

Could it be that he had discovered her charade? Could it be that he had realized that she no longer cared for him and was simply putting up with the marriage? She became so paranoid that she even began to think that Daniel was secretly filing for divorce, just as she had done some time before. She knew that if they were ever separated, she would be lost, so she decided to change her ways and become a model and loving mother to little Violet, hoping to regain her husband’s favor.

She became more affectionate with Violet, even in her husband’s absence, so that the little girl would tell him when he asked. This way, she was sure to get Daniel’s attention, and it worked. Daniel, who was still naive about his wife’s true intentions, was delighted that his wife was so fond of Violet and was once again very much in love with her and showering her with gifts.

Everything was getting better, and the Stampers were starting to look like a real family, or at least they were pretending to be one. So when the little girl turned three, they wanted to throw her a big birthday party. Violet was overjoyed and soon started calling her mother the same way she called Daniel “Daddy.”

For her third birthday, Daniel wanted to give his beloved daughter a very special gift that she would never forget—a gift that would end up changing both of their lives. A beautiful doll with a built-in camera. Of course, he didn’t know the doll had a hidden camera until the sales clerk explained that the doll’s right eye had a camera so that parents could monitor their children and know if anything was wrong while they were playing. The sales clerk also offered to set up his phone so he could see what the girl was doing at all times.

“It is the ideal gift for new and fearful parents. It never fails,” said the clerk to Daniel as he wrapped the doll in beautiful pink wrapping paper. Daniel decided not to tell anyone about the hidden camera in the doll, not even his wife. It would be his secret and the best way to know that his beloved daughter was well at all times.

Opening the gift her father gave her, Violet could not contain her joy when she saw the doll. The

doll became her best friend. No one could separate her from her beloved doll; she practically did everything with her. Time passed, and the family grew stronger. Grace learned to put up with the little girl and her husband, while Daniel grew happier and happier with the family he had formed with the love of his life and Violet. Everything seemed perfect until the week of Violet’s fourth birthday.

The evening before his daughter’s birthday, Daniel received a call that would break his heart. His daughter had suffered a sudden heart attack and was in critical condition. Wasting no time, he rushed to the car and drove to the hospital where she had been taken. To his surprise, when he arrived, he found his wife crying, and right there in Grace’s arms was the lifeless body of little Violet.

“It’s been very fast. I don’t know; it’s all happened so fast. Our baby is gone,” Grace told him, crying, and then told him that they needed to bury the child right away. “We need to go fast with the burial. The sooner she rests in peace, the sooner we can begin to assimilate all that has happened and mourn her loss, honey,” she told her husband, pretending to cry and cleverly hiding her true intentions. Daniel, who was not thinking clearly at the time, agreed to everything his frivolous wife proposed, so the poor girl was immediately buried the next day with hardly any attendance, along with her beloved doll.

That night, Stamper could not sleep. Restless and broken with grief over the loss of his daughter, he got out of bed and lay down on the living room couch. Just then, he remembered that he still had the doll’s hidden camera app installed and decided to watch his daughter’s last moments and see her for the last time in the coffin one last time. “Just one more time, and I’ll finish it forever,” he said to himself in the gloom. With trembling hands, he pulled out his phone to see his daughter one last time. What he didn’t know was that what he would see through the camera would shock him to his core and make him realize what a farce he had been living. Right there in the coffin, where his daughter’s lifeless body was supposed to lie, he saw Violet alive, stroking her teddy bear as she struggled to get out. She was buried alive.

Horrified by what he had just discovered, Daniel let out a piercing scream, startling his wife, who was sleeping soundly in the upstairs bedroom. She ran outside to find out what was going on, but before she could reach the living room, Daniel had already grabbed his car keys and driven at high speed to the grave. Once there, he dug the grave as fast as he could, pulled out the coffin, and opened the lid wide. There stood Violet, holding her doll tightly and with tears streaming down her face. The little girl could only say, “I knew you’d come for me, Daddy. I was so scared in there; it was so dark,” before fainting.

Stamper rushed his daughter to the hospital, where she was immediately stabilized and underwent all sorts of tests to find out what had happened. What he ended up discovering made him realize what kind of woman he was married to. Tests revealed that the girl had been poisoned through something she ingested, probably during snack time.

The doctors made it very clear to him that his daughter did not suffer a heart attack naturally and that someone had set it all up to make it look like the girl had died and buried her alive. That afternoon, Violet had only been with one person: Grace. And from what the girl told him, Daniel quickly knew what had happened and what he should do.

The next morning, Daniel went home with Violet, and Grace could not hide her surprise when she saw her alive. The woman kept pretending and took her for a ghost, but when she recovered from the shock, she ran to the girl and pretended to be happy. But before she could touch her, Daniel pushed her away and pulled her roughly away from the girl.

“Your game is over, sweetheart. I can’t believe I’ve been living with you all this time without realizing anything. You’re a devil and a phony. I never want to see you again,” he told her as he pulled the divorce papers out of his purse. “I’ve had this divorce letter for years. I have prayed hard that I would never have to give them to you. Please leave immediately, or I will call the police and you will face the law.”

Filled with shame and deep regret, Grace left the house. She knew her life was ruined forever, and worst of all, she realized that Daniel was irreplaceable and that she might never find another man like him. It is so sad that we don’t know the value of someone until we lose them.

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