Desperate Black Mum Steals 5 Eggs. When Cops Arrives, He Does Something That Makes Her Cry

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Helen stole five eggs from a grocery store to feed her starving family. When a cop named William arrived at the scene, he did something that made her cry. It was on a bitterly cold December afternoon that Helen decided to take the most extreme measures she had ever taken in her entire 47 years of existence. Apart from a moldy loaf of bread, Helen and the five girls living with her had not had anything else to eat in the past two days. She just couldn’t bear to watch her two daughters, two grandkids, and her niece starve to death. The youngest ones were already crying out from hunger pangs. Helen just couldn’t endure it anymore; she had to do something and do it really quickly to save her beloved girls.

So, Helen gathered all the pennies she could find in the house, which amounted to $125, and went to a nearby grocery store to try and buy food with it. She didn’t know it yet, but she was about to be put in a very difficult situation, and her choice of action would determine the rest of her life and her girls’ lives.

Dressed in a thick black winter jacket and boots, Helen left her apartment that particular afternoon and headed to a large grocery store downtown. The store was about a 25-minute drive from Helen’s apartment. Lacking any funds to get on a bus, Helen had no choice but to walk the entire distance to the store in the freezing weather conditions. It would take her over an hour. Helen was quite exhausted and shivering with cold by the time she arrived at the grocery store.

As she stepped into the well-heated store, Helen felt some much-needed warmth sweep over her body. She quickly glanced around the large store and noticed that the place was almost deserted, obviously due to the frigid weather. Helen also noted that there were just a few shop attendants present in the store at that time. Helen promptly picked up a shopping basket and started moving around the shelves like a typical shopper, looking for a particular product.

Helen swallowed hard, and her stomach rumbled with hunger at the sight of all the packaged and canned food displayed on the shelves. She was so hungry, but she hadn’t come to the store for herself; she came to find food for her five girls. At first, Helen thought about buying some packets of cereal or some canned food, but it was all just too expensive or too little food. Splitting a tiny can of food into five would amount to practically nothing, and none of it was very nutritional either.

After much deliberation on the matter, Helen finally decided to buy eggs. They were easy to split and chock full of proteins, and she could buy five for $11.25, at least that’s what she thought when she headed towards the egg aisle. But when she checked the prices, she realized that she had not factored in the tax. She was short 50 cents. 50 cents was the difference between putting something into her girls’ stomachs or sending them to bed with an empty stomach for the third night in a row. She felt like crying, but tears were not going to feed her girls either. And so, Helen made a rash and desperate decision: she decided to steal five eggs for her five girls.

With her heart pounding, Helen stood in front of the shelf displaying crates upon crates of tantalizing looking eggs. She glanced around her to make sure that nobody was watching. Then, Helen swiftly dipped both of her hands into a crate of eggs, picked five pieces, and dropped them into her jacket pockets. Feeling ashamed and terrified to get caught, Helen quickly turned around and made her way towards the store’s entrance. She dropped her empty shopping basket with the others and was just a few feet away from the store’s entrance when it happened.

“Hey, you! Stop right there!” Helen heard someone bark behind her. She sharply turned at once and stood transfixed to the spot. Helen then glanced towards the direction she had come from and saw a bulky man striding towards her. Helen’s instincts quickly told her that the man approaching her was definitely the store’s manager and that he must have somehow seen her stealing the eggs. Her instinct was right; the bulky man, Pete, was the store’s manager, and he had seen Helen stealing the eggs while viewing the CCTV camera monitoring screen in his office.

Pete was a no-nonsense and eagle-eyed manager. He basically watched the CCTV camera monitoring screen on his desk in his office all day long to keep an eye on everything going on in the store. Pete had immediately judged Helen based on the cheap clothes she wore and her demeanor as he watched her from the monitoring screen. So, he had concentrated on her, and Pete soon saw Helen stealing the eggs. He then immediately dashed out of his office to stop the woman before she slipped away.

Helen was shaking with fear as Pete stood in front of her without saying a single word to her. Pete promptly dipped his large right hand into Helen’s pockets and felt the eggs. Pete then erupted into a torrent of words; he lambasted Helen for stealing the eggs and called her all sorts of ugly names. Pete’s angry outburst drew the attention of some shoppers and shop attendants alike; they gradually started gathering at the scene. Helen, feeling quite dejected and ashamed, just stood there looking downcast.

When he was done with his angry outburst, he quickly instructed his secretary to call the cops. At the mention of the word “cops,” Helen quickly fell to her knees and started pleading with Pete to temper justice with mercy. Helen tried to explain to Pete that she had made the rash decision to steal the eggs to feed her starving kids. She had never stolen anything before, and she would happily give him the $1.25 she carried to make up for her error and judgment. But the manager was having none of that.

“This is a business enterprise, not a charity home,” he spat at Helen. Pete’s mind was already made up; he wished to use Helen as an example to deter other potential thieves. Hence, he just couldn’t wait for the cops to arrive and arrest Helen.

Barely 10 minutes later, a lone cop in uniform walked into the store. The cop, named William, stood at the store’s entrance for a while and glanced around the store. He quickly noticed a scared-looking woman kneeling down in the middle aisle of the store, surrounded by a small crowd. William then calmly walked over to the scene. As he approached Helen, he could tell that life had dealt with her in unimaginable ways. And he was right. Helen had married her childhood sweetheart, Nathan, when she was just 22.

Nathan was 2 years older than her. The lovebirds had been together since their high school days. Helen’s parents couldn’t afford to see her through college, so she began doing menial jobs immediately after she finished high school at 18. Nathan, on his part, never had the desire to attend college; he just needed to start earning some quick cash. Hence, he decided to become a taxi driver once he graduated from high school, against his parents’ wishes. So, he moved out of his parents’ house into a one-room apartment and became a full-time taxi driver.

Barely a year later, Helen informed her parents one night after dinner that she planned to move in with her boyfriend. Her stunned parents were livid. Sam and Elizabeth were totally against the very idea

hallucinating about invisible forces that were after her and her family. Pamela and Ella became worried about their mom’s mental degeneration. They took her to a psychiatrist who diagnosed her with post-traumatic stress disorder. Helen was placed on some antidepressants and sedatives, but her condition kept getting worse.

With Helen’s worsening mental health, getting out of bed in the mornings to leave for work became a daily struggle for her. She began to often call in sick at work. Helen’s employer soon got sick and tired of her constant absences from work, and she was fired. It was barely 2 weeks after she was fired that Helen stole the eggs at the grocery store and was caught at it by the store manager, Pete, who called the cops on her.

The cop, William, soon got to where Helen was still kneeling down surrounded by Pete and some onlookers. He took a good look at the poor, scared-looking, and humiliated woman for the first time, and something melted in his heart. Then, William did something truly shocking that made Helen cry.

“What’s the price of the eggs that the woman stole?” William asked loudly while still staring at Helen, who looked downcast at the floor in utter shame.

“$11.75, sir,” replied Pete.

“No, I meant the whole carton of eggs,” William replied.

“All right, sir, that’s 4 dollars,” Pete answered.

“Never shoplift again,” Helen heard William say, still looking stunned. She did that at once. Some of the onlookers, who were all stunned beyond belief by the cop’s unexpected actions, were already capturing the whole scene with their camera phones. Pete soon returned to the scene and handed the carton of eggs to William, who in turn handed it over to the still-startled Helen.

William even gave Helen a hug and led her out of the store to the police car outside. Most of the onlookers cheered on as William opened the car door for Helen. The poor woman, who was by then shedding tears of joy, entered the car, and William drove away. Only one person was left fuming with anger, and that person was Pete.

The drive to Helen’s house was quiet, save for some rock music that played. When they eventually got there, the cop got the door for Helen before driving off. But the cop wasn’t done with Helen yet. Imagine Helen’s joy when just 3 days later, she answered a knock on her door, and standing right outside the door was William and a colleague of his.

The two cops had brought Helen and her family two truckloads of food to keep them fed through Christmas. Helen let out a loud scream of joy and hugged the two men. Soon, all her family members and neighbors were out to warmly greet the two cops. It turned out William’s good deeds hadn’t gone unnoticed.

The footage that the onlookers captured at the store quickly went viral online, and lots of people rallied to donate tons of food to Helen and her family while praising the kindness of William. The positive reaction to the viral video was so overwhelming that Helen and her family also got lots of donations in cash, toys, and clothes.

It’s so beautiful how the life of one family changed just because of one act of kindness. Helen would later tell a show anchor about the experience during an interview. “The last time I saw my house this full of food, I was 12 years old and staying with my grandmother,” Helen shared. She added that the officer’s act of kindness changed her life.

“It’s also a reminder that we never know what’s going on in someone’s life, and a little kindness can go a long way,” Helen concluded.

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