Doctors Said His son was “DEAD”. Dad did not Believe it, Stopped Them And The Unexpected Took Place

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At the tomball regional medical center one desperate parent was confronted with this conundrum no it didn’t end with him accepting what the doctor said and saying goodbye to his son this dad did something no one saw coming.

His reaction led to this call hey we need the police stat to the hospital we have a family member with a gun these were the words of hospital staffed gary hammond tomball police’s head of criminal investigations george pickering ii who lives in pinehurst texas had angrily taken up arms while standing at his son’s hospital bedside sounds like a movie scene doesn’t it but for this father this wasn’t make-believe his son’s life was on the line.

while george stood at his son’s bedside with the nine millimeter in his hand two things were written on his face fear and desperation he was sweating profusely and shaking at the same time this wasn’t a man who wanted to hurt anybody it’s ironic that he was the one with a weapon but was still the one who was scared no one knew what he was going to……Read Full Story Here………….

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