Dog Brings Home Money Every Day – One Day, Police Show Up At Owner’s Door

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Bringing the dog home was so special for Cindy. Cindy got the dog all set up with things she had purchased just for him. She could not figure out why her new dog Toby was bringing home money. She thought this was just going to be a weird perk of dog ownership and would get to the bottom of it later. But then, after a few more days, she received a mysterious letter.

When she opened the letter and read through it, the contents shocked her. But the surprises didn’t stop there. Within hours of opening the letter, the police showed up at her door. Cindy was a 25-year-old woman living alone in a nice suburban neighborhood.

She had a job, and her house was paid off. However, her house was very quiet. She was missing the company of others. After doing some research about pets that made good companions, she got in her car and went to the shelter. She was………Read Full Story Here……….

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