Everyone Laughed At Her For Marrying a 97 Years Old Man. Years Later, They Regretted It a Lot

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When this 35-year-old woman decided to marry a 97-year-old man, everyone was certain that she was out of her mind. At the wedding ceremony, everyone laughed and called the couple horrible names, but years later, they regretted it a lot.

The morning of Akua and Agay’s wedding finally dawned. It was a day the villagers had been looking forward to. Akua would be getting married to Agayi B’s third wife. While that wasn’t out of place due to local cultural practices, most people found it ridiculous that Akua, a 35-year-old woman, would be getting married to a 97-year-old man.

As the sun began its ascent, Akua emerged from her home adorned in a resplendent con cloth. Her eyes shimmered with a mix of nervousness and excitement. She knew that this day would forever alter the course of her life. As she walked down the aisle, her head held high, the crowd erupted in mocking jeers.

“Look at the old man and his young bride,” they laughed. Akua’s heart sank, and tears threatened to spill from her eyes. She felt the weight of their judgment bearing down on her, threatening to shatter her resolve. Yet, deep within her, a fire burned, fueled by her unwavering belief in the love she shared with Agayi.

After spending 14 years together and raising four children born of their union, Akua and Agayi had decided it was time to make their relationship official by tying the knot. Despite the mockery, she knew she was doing the right thing. Agayi had been the first to show her true kindness after the rejection and betrayal she had experienced before meeting him.

Akua had known no joy all her life. As a child, her father’s reckless words had left deep scars that still ached within her. Due to the abandonment she faced, Akua had grown up longing for attention. So, when she finally met a man in her early 20s who made her feel cherished, she was ecstatic.

Sadly, his affection for her was short-lived. He began to abuse her, and being already used to this kind of mistreatment, Akua stayed in the emotionally draining relationship, hoping he would change. He never did. The situation got worse when she became pregnant, and he dumped her after she gave birth to her baby girl, Apia.

Akua left her village to live with her aunt, but life as a single mom wasn’t any easier. She took on different jobs from salesgirl to cleaner just to raise her child. It was during this period that her path crossed with Agayi. They met at the local market and quickly fell in love with each other.

A few months later, Agayi asked Akua to move in with him, promising to give her and her daughter the life they deserved. He stayed true to his promise, making Akua happier than she could have ever imagined. So, when at 96 he went down on a knee and asked her to marry him, she knew accepting his proposal was the best way to repay his kindness.

Not everyone saw it this way. Agayi’s grown children saw her as a threat to their father’s wealth and felt she just wanted to steal from the little he had. So when they heard about the wedding, they began plotting ways to have it cancelled. Unfortunately for them, all their efforts failed.

Still, they refused to give up. In a desperate attempt to cancel the wedding, Agayi’s eldest son suddenly showed up at the church. As soon as Akua and his father were pronounced husband and wife, he lunged for Akua, dragging her into the dirt as insults reigned down.

“You will not steal our inheritance!” he shouted. But a towering figure, Quabena, the village’s renowned strongman, chased Agayi’s son away. “Enough of this!” he boomed, silencing the onlookers. “Today, you celebrate love in life, not demean it. Now take your woman and be on your way in peace.”

With that, Quabena helped Akua up and handed her back to Agayi, giving the elder a respectful nod. The crowd parted silently to let the new couple pass unhindered. As Agayi soothed Akua’s aching spirit with his love, she knew their bond was strengthened all the more for surviving this ordeal.

Years passed by, and the couple’s love continued to bloom. Akua and Agayi’s love story became a legend in the village. People who had once doubted the sincerity of Akua’s intentions now saw her as a pillar of strength and loyalty.

Despite a rocky start in life, Akua now had everything she’d always wanted and deserved. She would fight for her happiness until her very last day on Earth.

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