Her Daughter Dies Of Cancer, When She Opens Her School Bag, She Couldn’t Stop Crying

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Before he passed away, this baby said three surprising words that are very hard for any parent to hear. Losing a child is one of the most heartbreaking experiences anyone can go through. The sorrow and pain are overwhelming and something that time cannot fully heal. Some stories are incredibly sad, and we want to share with you the story of Nolan Scully.

This young boy faced unimaginable challenges and touched many people with his bravery and positive outlook on life. The entire story is moving, but the final conversation between Nolan and his mom is particularly heart-wrenching.

Nolan Scully was a young boy who tragically died from cancer at a very young age. His story is poignant, offering not just sorrow but also hope in a testament to human resilience. Sometimes we are stronger than we think.

Nolan’s life started like many other boys, cherished by his parents, Ruth and Jonathan Scully. From the moment he was born, he had a fascination with policemen and firefighters. As soon as he could walk and was known for his infectious laughter, Nolan was a very sweet boy, well-liked by everyone who met him. His mother adored him the most, fondly giving him the nickname “Poot.” But when Po turned 3 years old, a serious health issue emerged.

In October 2015, Nolan started showing symptoms of what seemed like a common cold: a runny nose and a cough. But soon, his condition worsened, marked by unusual snoring and increasing difficulty in breathing. His mother, Ruth, grew concerned and promptly took him to see a doctor. Initially, the doctors believed Nolan was suffering from a severe sinus infection. They prescribed antibiotics and nasal spray, allowing him to return home. However, when Nolan’s condition didn’t improve with the treatment, Ruth took him to an ear, nose, and throat specialist.

This specialist found significant swelling in Nolan’s nose and tonsils, determining that surgery was necessary to remove them. A few days after the surgery, the doctors delivered devastating news: they discovered that Nolan was suffering from rabdom ciroma, a rare and aggressive type of cancer that targets the body’s soft tissues. This diagnosis was essentially a dire prognosis, as there are limited treatment options for this kind of cancer, often leaving families feeling helpless.

Understandably, Nolan’s parents were heartbroken. The thought of losing a child is an unimaginable and crushing reality for any parent to face. One can only imagine the depth of their despair upon learning that their cherished son faced such a serious and life-threatening illness.

The diagnosis of Nolan’s cancer drastically changed his family’s life, casting a shadow over their future, particularly for his mother, who was facing an unimaginably tough situation. At the time she learned of Nolan’s illness, she was pregnant, which should have been a period of joy but was instead overshadowed by her son’s critical condition.

The medical team sprang into action, conducting numerous tests, including CT scans and blood tests, to understand the extent of Nolan’s cancer. Fortunately, they discovered that the tumor was isolated, offering a glimmer of hope. Although surgery wasn’t an option, doctors proposed chemotherapy as a means to shrink the tumor. Thus, Nolan began a hard journey, a battle for his life filled with medical interventions, including scans, tests, injections, blood transfusions, and a rigorous 43-e chemotherapy regimen.

Such intense treatment is daunting for anyone, let alone a small child. Nolan’s resilience and the family’s strength during this period were a testament to their love and the human spirit’s capacity to face profound challenges. And as he was admitted to Georgetown Hospital’s Children’s Cancer Ward, where he stayed for several months under the care of a devoted nursing team, despite the grim prognosis, the medical staff worked tirelessly to provide the best possible treatment and comfort to Nolan.

Amidst this challenging time, they aimed to create a supportive and caring environment for him and his family, facing the dual ordeal of battling cancer and dealing with family dynamics during such a stressful period. Nolan’s mother created a Facebook page called “Nolan Strong” to share his journey and connect with others. A page that continues to exist.

As Nolan underwent chemotherapy and radiotherapy, the harsh side effects became evident. He lost his hair, felt constantly tired, and experienced nausea. Despite these challenges, Nolan’s resilience and courage shone brightly, turning him into a beacon of inspiration for those around him and his growing number of Facebook supporters.

His determination to fight cancer resonated deeply not just with his family and the hospital staff but also with thousands of followers online. The outpouring of support was tremendous, with the Facebook page playing a pivotal role in rallying financial support for his treatments, which were beyond the family’s financial reach. Donations poured in alongside teddy bears and gifts to bring joy to Nolan.

Community fundraising events further bolstered the support, highlighting the collective effort to support Nolan and his family through this difficult time. Despite his grueling battle with cancer, Nolan never lost his spirit or his dreams. His greatest aspiration was to become a policeman, a dream he held onto with hope and optimism even amidst his treatments.

Nolan found joy in life’s simple pleasures, like attending a Jurassic Park event, exploring the local harbor, or enjoying scenic drives with his family. In a heartwarming turn of events, his dream was brought to life during his hospital stay. The police chief from the local police department visited him and officially swore him in as a special agent, giving him the title Special Agent Roland Nolan. Additionally, the local fire department recognized him as an honorary member, complete with an honorable mention. These gestures deeply moved Nolan, who felt immense pride and happiness.

The police chief even gifted him a special walkie-talkie, allowing Nolan to keep in touch with his new colleagues, a token of his integration into the teams he admired so much. This experience not only lifted Nolan’s spirits but also showcased the community’s support and love for him.

Despite all efforts, the medical treatments did not succeed in curing Nolan’s cancer. After enduring numerous rounds of chemotherapy and radiotherapy, doctors attempted surgery, but it was too late. The cancer had spread to Nolan’s lungs, making the surgery unsuccessful.

On September 7th, 2016, Nolan celebrated his fourth birthday, a bittersweet moment with his family as it would be his last. The cancer was relentless, and doctors eventually concluded that no further treatments could halt its progression. They focused on palliative care, aiming to minimize Nolan’s discomfort in his final days.

Nolan’s mother, amidst her profound grief, continued to update the “Nolan Strong” Facebook page, sharing the heart-wrenching journey of Nolan’s last days. Her updates provided a raw and touching insight into the family’s experience, connecting with thousands who followed Nolan’s story. Grab some tissues because you’re about to hear something incredibly touching.

Nolan, even in his final days, continued to amaze everyone around him. During a moment in the hospital, his mother climbed into bed with him just like she used to do. She gently pointed out that it must be hard for him to breathe, and Nolan agreed. She acknowledged his pain, to which he bravely admitted he was hurting. His mother then told him he didn’t need to keep fighting the cancer for her sake. Nolan, showing his love and concern, said he was fighting for her. His mother explained that her role was to keep him safe, but now the only place she could do that was in heaven.

Despite the heartbreak in her words, Nolan remained strong, imagining heaven as a place where he could wait for her, assuring her they would be together again. This conversation reflects the incredible bond between them and Nolan’s remarkable courage.

The following day, Nolan’s family united at the hospital, surrounding him with love and attention. His mother was by his side every moment, sharing activities like watching YouTube videos, playing games, and discussing Nolan’s final wishes. He expressed a desire to be remembered as a policeman. That evening, when his mother stepped away for a quick shower, Nolan, seemingly sensing the moment, fell into a deep sleep. Upon her return, the medical team informed her that Nolan was deeply asleep and beyond feeling any pain. His condition had rapidly deteriorated, with his right lung collapsing. Ruth quickly got into bed beside him, holding him close. Then, in a poignant moment, Nolan briefly awoke, gave his mother a loving smile, and said, “I love you, mommy.” As she sang to him, he closed his eyes once more and peacefully passed away.

This final exchange was a testament to Nolan’s incredible spirit and strength, leaving a lasting impression on all who hear his story. Despite his brief time on earth, Nolan’s courage and the profound love he shared with his mother continued to inspire and touch the hearts of many. Nolan’s family missed him deeply and spent the days after his passing planning his funeral, which the entire community attended. People waited in line for 2 hours to offer their condolences at the venue. Photos and videos of Nolan, always smiling, were displayed, highlighting his never give-up attitude during his fight with cancer. His coffin was placed on a large fire truck and paraded through the city, accompanied by seven fire departments and the entire police force, honoring him with a traditional salute reserved for fallen officers.

Just as Nolan would have wanted, he had wished for everyone to wear red on that day, and his wish was fulfilled as the community came together to say goodbye. Nolan’s spirit and bravery touched everyone he had inspired to protect and serve as a police officer. While in the hospital, the police chief visited him and made him an honorary sergeant, and the fire departments also recognized him as an honorary firefighter, fulfilling his dreams even in his final moments.

Nolan’s courageous battle and positive demeanor during incredibly tough times resonated with countless people, leading his Facebook page to amass over 300,000 followers. His story inspired many, including Laura Maxwell, another parent who faced a tragic loss.

Laura had been advocating for stricter regulations on crib bumpers for over a decade after her 7-week-old son, Preston, died due to suffocation associated with a padded crib bumper in a heart-wrenching incident in 2010. Her husband, Kyle, discovered Preston motionless in his crib, having rolled into the bumper and suffocated. Laura shared the chilling and unforgettable moment with Good Morning America, describing her husband’s scream of anguish.

Kyle found Preston pale and slightly blue, having moved out of his sleep positioner and suffocated against the bumper pad. The circumstances of Preston’s discovery made the cause of his tragic death painfully clear. The Alaska medical examiner determined that Preston’s tragic death was caused by asphyxia, which occurred when his face became trapped between a crib bumper and the mattress. Preston had rolled over a positioner and ended up in that fatal position.

Following this heartbreaking event, Maxwell took legal action against the crib bumper’s manufacturer, ultimately reaching a settlement. Before this incident, Maxwell hadn’t perceived crib bumpers as hazardous. She had used them for her older daughter, Emma, without issue. Maxwell’s perspective changed drastically after Preston’s death.

She expressed her frustration about the lack of warnings regarding the potential risks associated with padded crib bumpers, emphasizing that parents often assume products on the market are safe. Determined to prevent similar tragedies, Maxwell has become an advocate for the removal of padded crib bumpers from the market, striving to raise awareness among parents about their dangers and hold manufacturers accountable.

Laura Maxwell, profoundly affected by her tragic loss, emphasized that one wouldn’t naturally suspect a product available for sale, like a crib bumper, to pose a suffocation risk. Her painful experience transformed her perspective, making her more vigilant about child safety. She has dedicated herself to supporting the Safe Cribs Act S259, a piece of legislation introduced by Senators Tammy Duckworth (Illinois), Richard Blumenthal (Connecticut), and Rob Portman (Ohio). This act aims to prohibit the sale of padded crib bumpers in the US, a measure endorsed by the American Academy of Pediatrics, Consumer Reports, and the Consumer Federation of America. It seeks to outlaw the manufacture, distribution, or importation of such bumpers.

Additionally, the Safe Sleep for Babies Act of 2021 HR 3182, which also targets the sale of padded crib bumpers, was passed by the House of Representatives in June. Maxwell stresses the importance of regulatory oversight, asserting that parents naturally trust that products sold in stores are safe. She advocates for legislative action to ensure parents are informed of potential risks, noting the alarming statistic from the AAP that around 3,400 babies in the US die annually from sudden and unexpected sleeping deaths.

Maxwell’s story is a call to action for more stringent safety standards and awareness to prevent such tragedies. Today’s stories, while deeply saddening, serve as powerful reminders to value each moment, push for safety measures, and offer unwavering support to each other during tough periods.

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