The DOCTOR’S Jaw “Dropped,” And the HUSBAND Fainted When The ULTRASOUND Told Them The Report

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**Amazing Real Sensational Story of a Mother Who Learned the Incredible News at the Ultrasound Which Almost Didn’t Make Her Faint and the Doctor’s Palms Were Sweating. Sit Back, You’re About to Find Out – It’s Going to Be Interesting. Let’s Go!**

The 30-year-old mother recalls how she learned during an ultrasound in the seventh week of pregnancy the incredible news. Natalia and her husband had struggled with infertility for years until they finally had a baby girl, now two years old. Natalie thought she was lucky to be pregnant again and she wasn’t yet aware that she was actually carrying a real surprise in her tummy.

Natalia said that her jaw literally dropped when she was told the news at the ultrasound during the study time to seven weeks of pregnancy. “I lay down and the ultrasounder ran the probe on my stomach,” the woman recounted, squinting. “My eyes, I could see two sacks – twins,” I shrit pointing my finger, but the usist quickly corrected her, telling her that there were not two children but more. I shouted, “triplets,” but the doctor slowly shook his head, then without saying a word, he held up four fingers,” recalled Natalya in an interview. She said her husband almost fainted from such news.

Several years ago, Natalia was diagnosed with infertility of an unexplained nature, which is called an ovulation. The diagnosis meant that she had to be given hormones to induce regular ovulation. There are twins in her family, so there was still a slight possibility of multiple pregnancies, but nothing could have prepared her for the moment she found out she was having four more children.

Natalya gave birth to four babies by cesarean section in her 34th week of pregnancy. Prior to that, for several months, she had weekly checkups to make sure the babies were developing normally. The four of them were born a few minutes apart.

Since their birth, Natalya has regularly shared stories from her family’s life on her social media page. The woman said it takes her and her husband an hour and a half to feed all four babies, and as soon as they fall asleep, she counts down to the next feeding.

Now Natalie also debunked myths about body recovery after childbirth, recently sharing two photos online. One photo shows her just standing and smiling, while the second shows her pulling up her t-shirt to show off her belly five weeks after giving birth. “If I only posted the first photo, the comments would be along the lines of ‘you look great for a woman who just gave birth to four,'” Natalya wrote.

“If I had only posted the second one, I would have gotten the following comment: ‘you should be proud of what your body has done,'” she said. There were two parts of her struggling; one wanted to post only the first photo, and the other wanted to not give in to false reality and post only the second. But the reality is this: “I grew four miracles in this belly,” Natalia said.

“I feel beautiful in the first picture; that’s reality. I’m damn proud of what my body has done and what it can do; that’s reality too. The reality is that I would be lying to myself and all of you if I said I like the way my stomach looks right now,” she added. Natalia’s honest post resonated with thousands of parents around the world who thanked the mom for facing the truth and acting Brave.

“Absolutely no one can tell you how you should feel,” another mom wrote in the comments. “Sure, people can write in the comments how beautiful you are, but I know from experience that doesn’t help,” she added. “I only have twins, and I hate my belly, but I was lucky enough to have four healthy, beautiful babies, and that’s what helps me get over everything.

Such an amazing story, friends. Let’s wish money and her babies good health, love, kindness, and all the best and brightest. May everything be wonderful for them. And what do you think about it? Would you want a quadruplet, honestly? Be sure to share your opinion on this in the comments below this video. It will be very interesting to read your comments.

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