During The Funeral, The Dog Jumped Into His Owner’s Coffin. Then Something Incredible Happened!

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During the funeral of a young woman, her dog barks furiously and even jumps into his owner’s coffin. The MERS are shocked and tried to pry the dog away from the girl, but then something incredible happens and a terrible truth is revealed. The Village was in mourning; the girl in the coffin was the town sweetheart. Everyone loved her, but no one felt more pain and loss than those in the front row. Violet’s parents could barely stand up; parents aren’t supposed to survive their children, and they were breaking apart.

Two young men stood next to the parents, and they seemed just as devastated, but they weren’t the only ones that were thoroughly heartbroken. Their dog was lying at their feet, moaning softly. The dog had a special bond with the girl in the coffin, and he didn’t seem to understand what was going on.

They were ready to close the coffin and say goodbye to the girl forever, but then suddenly the dog rushed forward. To everyone’s astonishment, Max jumped up into Violet’s coffin. Gasps filled the church as the MERS watched him bark at his late owner. The local Doctor James tried to pull the dog down, but he snapped at him. More gasps came from the front row. Max had never snapped at anyone; the dog’s heartache must have been horrible for him to act this way.

There was only one person in the whole world who could always calm him down, and that was Violet. But unfortunately, she would never soothe him again. Her death had been so sudden that the poor dog hadn’t even had the time to realize he was about to lose his best friend.

Violet had been perfectly fine one day and dead the next. It had been a day since her passing, and Max had been barking and licking at her fingers ever since, as if he expected her to wake up and cuddle him. All his life he had known nothing but Violet’s love.

The family had met Max a long time ago. Back then, Violet was a young girl who loved animals of all kinds. Her parents used to live on a farm, but times were hard. The farm had been in their hands for generations, but when drought hit the area, it hit the small farmers the hardest.

They managed to hold on for a few years, but after the third harvest season when they didn’t produce much and still had to feed their animals, they had nothing left. They couldn’t fight it anymore, and they had to sell the land. They considered selling off small pieces, but her father didn’t have a huge plot of land to start with. If he started to sell a piece at a time, he wouldn’t have enough to survive on anyway.

Some of the other farmers in the area tried to help as long as they could. Violet’s best friend Mato lived on the neighboring farm, and they grew up together. His family tried to support hers, but they also had limited resources, and eventually, there was nothing left for Violet’s family to do. They sold the land to Dr. James’s father, the rich man who always wanted a small farm in the area, and he had plenty of money to sustain it until the rain came.

On the last day that Violet’s family had on the farm, they took their daughter for a long walk in the forest. She cried for all the animals she had to say goodbye to. Violet loved the sheep and had helped to raise a few of them. She also loved the barn cats who were all staying. They had a garden in their new home in the village, but that wasn’t big enough for the barn cats to live in. They were used to huge spaces, and it was better for them to stay on the farm.

Her parents hated that they were breaking their daughter’s heart, but losing the farm was hurting them too. They walked into the forest, trying to soothe her broken heart, and that’s when they heard something strange. There was a tiny whine in the forest. They walked toward it to see what was going on. It sounded like something small that needed help.

They searched everywhere but couldn’t see the animal. Her parents wanted to leave and let nature take its course, but Violet sensed that the animal making those noises needed help. She ran off to check one last time and then found a tree with a hollow bark. The whines were coming from inside it.

Her father used his flashlight to check inside the trunk, and they found something shocking. A tiny ball of fluff was hiding in the tree. Her father carefully pulled out the tiny puppy and handed it to Violet. The puppy was shivering and terrified. She held him close, and slowly he relaxed in her arms just enough to fall asleep.

Her father searched the rest of the area, but the puppy was all alone. Someone must have dumped him in the forest. It was lucky that they found him. The new residents were only moving in a few days later, and they would probably not even walk in the forest right away. If they hadn’t found the puppy that day, he wouldn’t have made it.

Since they were saying goodbye to all the other animals, they decided to keep it. Violet lit up when she heard the news. They just had to make sure that he didn’t have a family out there somewhere, but their vet assured them there was no microchip on him. He was theirs to adopt.

So Max moved to town with them. Since he was very tiny and young, he needed a bottle of milk every few hours, and Violet was ready to step up. She was young as well, but she wanted to care for her puppy herself.

During this time, Max and the girl became inseparable. The puppy adored his little owner, and they went everywhere together. He also became a source of joy and comfort for the entire family, and they needed all the support they could get. They had lost their farm because of the drought, and that was heartbreaking. But it got even worse when only a month later, the first rain of the season fell.

It rained hard, and each drop broke their parents’ hearts. If they had held on for just a little while longer, they might have been able to save their farm. That season was extremely rainy, and the land had time to recover. It was wonderful and terrible at the same time.

But in all of it, Max was a bright spot for all of them. He would walk Violet to school in the village every day and then go home. Somehow he knew exactly when the school day was done, and he would run out of their gate and rush to the entrance of the building to wait for her.

Soon after, she went to high school, and she had to take a bus to a bigger town. Matteo and James both went on the same bus, and she remained friends with both of them. But the boys hated each other. James had a lot more money, and he often reminded Mato of that fact. They could have all been friends, but James was jealous of Mato. That was because Violet was still best friends with the other boy. Their rivalry would remain open for the rest of their childhood and even beyond.

But back then, Violet didn’t care. She was more interested in her dog and hanging out with him as much as possible. Max didn’t wait at the school entrance anymore. Instead, he would now be at the bus stop every afternoon, waiting for his best friend to

get home. Then they would eat a sandwich together, and he’d watch in silence as she did her homework.

But then the girl and her dog would run around for the rest of the afternoon. Sometimes they went for walks in the forest or even to visit the animals on the farm. James always welcomed them and let the girl see all her favorite animals. She also went to hang out with Matteo on his farm, and the two of them had loads of adventures.

Violet loved people, and she often went to do chores for some of the older residents in the village. She liked to listen to their stories. As she got older, she would do their shopping and then carry their groceries to their homes. She even helped to clean the homes of some of her favorite older people. All of this meant that she became a beloved member of the village. It was almost like she had loads of grandparents in the village.

As she became an adult, the girl remained kind and loving. Everyone loved her, and that included the two boys that she grew up with. James tried to spoil her, but she never accepted any of his lavish gifts. Despite knowing the boy for his entire life, Max never liked him. James was slightly older than Violet and Mato, and he finished school a few years before they did. Then he went to medical school.

Violet felt bad for her feelings, but it was a relief that the other boy was away for a short while. She liked him as a friend, but she knew he was in love with her, and that made her nervous, especially since she had a crush on Matteo instead. But Max was still her priority. Her dog was getting older and slowing down a bit, but he was still devoted to his owner.

They went everywhere together, and he was one of the reasons that she didn’t want to go too far for school. They didn’t have much money anyway. Her father worked as a landscaper for the school and a few of the richer families a town or two away. It was a good life, but they didn’t have enough to pay for an expensive school, so she went to nursing school a few towns over. She would love to go back to farming, but they didn’t have the money to buy any land. Helping people was a good second place for her.

By the time she graduated, James was back and had started the village’s first medical center. He was the only doctor, and Violet started working as his nurse. For James, it was great, since he got to spend way more time with Violet, but she kept thinking of him as a friend. And when she finally started dating Matteo, James was heartbroken. He had tried to win this girl over his entire life, but she could never see how much he had to offer and always went back to the farm boy. He hated it, but it wouldn’t be long before all of their little rivalries would seem very trivial.

Violet always opened up the clinic in the early morning. One day, one of the patients came in to get medicine, and they came upon a terrible sight. Violet was lying on the floor of the clinic, white as a ghost. The patient tried to get her to wake up, but the girl wasn’t moving. She didn’t respond at all. Then James also came into the office. He took one look at the girl on the floor and sprang into action. He started doing chest compressions and mouth-to-mouth, but it was too late. She had always been so healthy, but it looked like the girl had gone into cardiac arrest. James would later explain to her parents that she probably had a pre-existing condition that they never picked up on. He tried hard, but it was too late. Violet was gone.

Everyone was shocked and devastated. James kept the body in the clinic for her family and Mato to come and say goodbye to the girl. Max came too, and he kept licking her fingers and pawing at her, but she did not respond. Her mother and father held on to each other, keeping each other upright, and Mato was as white as the girl on the table.

Then James made a very generous offer. He asked if they would like to lay Violet to rest in the family cemetery on the farm. It was the place she belonged, and her mother sobbed at the thought of her going home. The following day, they were all gathered on the farm in a big barn that they were using for the service. Her grave was being dug, and the girl was lying in her coffin in the front of the room. The entire village was there, and it was heartbreaking to see how sad everyone was. Her parents brought Max with them to say goodbye, but now that the dog had jumped into the coffin, they were starting to think it had been a bad idea. He refused to move or allow them to close the casket. For more than an hour, the dog just sat there, barking and growling at anyone who tried to come close to his best friend.

Eventually, James got frustrated and angry at the dog and grabbed a long pole with a rope at the end. He put it around the dog’s neck and pulled, trying to get Max out of the coffin. Violet’s parents tried to stop him, but he wouldn’t listen. Then suddenly something shocking happened. Violet moved, her fingers twitched, and she groaned loudly. The MERS couldn’t believe their eyes. Her mother fainted, and her father could barely hold her up as he blanched at the sight of his daughter coming back from the dead. Violet was waking up. What was going on?

James turned to run, but Mato grabbed him. When Violet’s mother came back to her senses, both her and her husband rushed to hug their beautiful daughter, who burst into sobs and told them a terrifying story. A few days earlier, James had begged Violet to marry him once again, but when she refused and told him in no uncertain terms that she was going to marry Matteo, he made a plan. He drugged her with something that would make her heart rate almost undetectable, then he left her in the office and waited for someone to find her before coming back.

Then he acted like the girl was gone. If everyone saw him trying to help, no one would suspect him. He was also the only doctor in town, and he was the one to examine her and say she was dead. He was planning on taking her out of the coffin after it was buried. He would keep her sedated while he moved them both far away. Then he could keep Violet with him forever without anyone ever coming to search for her. It was the perfect plan, except for one thing. There was someone who could hear her heart beating. Max would never allow him to close that coffin, knowing that his best friend was still alive.

The police came at once, and James was arrested. His father begged Violet’s family to allow him to send him to a mental facility instead of jail. It was clear that the boy needed help. He had been so hung up on the same girl from his childhood years that he had been willing to commit several crimes just to have her for himself. Violet just wanted him gone and promised not to press charges if he never came back to the village. His family moved away, and the following morning, she was shocked to receive the deeds to the family farm. According to James’s father, this was the very least he could do to compensate her for the pain his son had caused her.

Violet was shocked by the events, but with the love of her family and her dog, she would soon recover and go on to have a beautiful life. What a shocking twist! Did you suspect the young doctor? Do you think that he deserved to go to jail? Tell us in the comments below.

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