Dying Man Says Goodbye To His Heartbroken Dog. The Dog’s Reaction is Very Shocking

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“Our pets can sometimes be the ones that miss us most. This dying man says goodbye to his heartbroken dog. The dog’s reaction is very shocking. Jon knew that his lungs weren’t strong enough to keep him alive on their own. If he wanted to stay alive to keep taking care of his best friend, he was going to have to leave him for a while and take a big risk.

He would have to agree to get on a ventilator and give his lungs a break, but they had explained that the risks were huge. Many people who get placed on a ventilator don’t ever get strong enough to get off it. He would have to be put in an induced coma, and they couldn’t guarantee he would ever be able to wake up again.

But the once powerful Warrior was now so sick he could hardly take a breath, and the worst part was that they couldn’t even figure out what was going on with him and why he was sick. As an army vet, he had faced death many times, but he was worried about his best friend, basil the German Shepherd.He would have to say goodbye to his heartbroken dog, but basil was…….Read Full Story Here………….

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