Dying woman says final goodbye to her parrot: The bird’s instant reaction leaves us in Stun (Video)

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“We’ve observed numerous instances where animals demonstrate the capacity to experience emotions such as happiness and sadness. The following video serves as evidence that birds, specifically Sinbad, an African Grey parrot, possess this emotional depth. Sinbad remains by his owner’s side during her final days, having been her companion for an enduring 25 years.

Parrots, known for their emotional sensitivity, show a profound awareness of their surroundings. African Greys, in particular, are adept at discerning human emotions through facial expressions and body language. Sinbad, sensing the impending loss of his longtime companion, displays an understanding of the situation.

These birds are thought to possess mental and emotional capabilities akin to a 5-year-old child, surpassing even dogs in intelligence. Scientists believe they possess a range of emotions, including…..Read Full Story Here.……….

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