He Married A Very Beautiful Woman. But A Few Months Later, He Got The Shock Of His Life!

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Miranda possessed a beauty that was truly one of a kind. It was an unparalleled sight to behold. So when she married James, everyone was sure the union wouldn’t last long. They told James that she would never be faithful to him and that she would dump him soon. James ignored the naysayers, but just a few months after their wedding, he got the shock of his life. Miranda did something that he could never have imagined in a million years.

At 34, James was confused, hopeless, and depressed. Life had never been fair to him. Right from a young age, he had learned that happiness isn’t long-lasting but a more fleeting and changeable state. He learned that problems, obstacles, and struggles were a significant part of life. The only times he was ever truly happy during his childhood days were when he slept outdoors in the cold next to his sickly father, Ronald.

It didn’t matter that he had no thick blankets and that his teeth were trembling from the cold. He was happy just being outdoors underneath the big sky and staring at the beautiful stars. It gave him a sense of freedom and made him believe that the world is still a beautiful place. Someday, maybe just maybe, all of his dreams would come true.

Then there were the brief happy moments when James and his father would stand beside the roadside begging. On some occasions, strangers would throw lots of coins at them or give them a basket full of food. During these times, what made James happy wasn’t the money or food itself but rather the priceless expression of joy in his father’s eyes. “Look son, they gave us enough food, they gave us enough money. We don’t have to worry about what to eat tonight or tomorrow,” his father would exclaim, tears of joy streaming down his face. “I promise you, Dad, someday we won’t have to beg for food or money. We will be rich, very rich,” James would reply.

James didn’t grow up with his mother. In fact, he barely knew her. He, James’s father, and his mother were married for 10 years without a child. During this period, Ronald went through hell. Alice was a nagging, disrespectful wife who talked down to him because he had no money. In the 11th year of their marriage, they finally welcomed their son, and the marriage became even more hellish.

When James turned two, Alice left, saying she regretted ever getting married to him. She spat on Ronald’s face and called him a loser. Not even Ronald’s pleas or James’s cries could stop her. After she left, Ronald’s life never remained the same. He became sick and depressed. He eventually lost his source of income, and he and James had to live on the streets.

When James got older, he started working alongside his father in the fields and factories so they could finally afford rent. Despite their modest circumstances, they were content and happy. However, this didn’t last long. Five years later, Ronald fell ill, and James spent all of his savings trying to save him. Unfortunately, the illness proved too much, and one day Ronald passed away in a hospital room while James wept beside him. “Why did you leave me? I promised I’d get rich and give you everything you desire. Why couldn’t you wait? You’ve suffered too much to just die like this, Dad,” he cried out sadly. No amount of tears could bring back the dead.

After Ronald passed away, James became a shell of himself. Everything reminded him of his late father—the streets, their tiny house, and the town itself. He felt haunted, and he knew it was time to leave the town and seek greener pastures elsewhere. He was prepared for whatever would come with his decision, but he never thought that he would find a woman whom he would fall dangerously and passionately in love with. Would she add to his sorrow or would she take away his pain? Well, keep watching to find out because things are about to get even more interesting and unpredictable.

A few months after James got to the city, he got a five-year contract with a construction company. The job came with good pay, so James could afford to live in a decent apartment. While he wasn’t wealthy, he was comfortable. It was a few months after James got to the city that he met Miranda. One day, after a long day at work, James decided to treat himself, so he went to a restaurant near his house.

As soon as he stepped in, his eyes were immediately drawn towards an alluring woman sitting in a corner with glossy skin and velvety eyelashes. She had captivating blue eyes that held him for a few seconds before he noticed her sunrise golden hair cascading down her shoulders. James was captivated by the beauty of this gorgeous woman.

As he took his seat, he noticed that she was stealing glances at him. Within a few minutes, their eyes met several times. When she eventually smiled at him coyly, his heart skipped a beat. He had an intense desire to protect her; he wanted to learn about her dreams and help her make them come true. His desire for this beautiful woman extended beyond admiration; he wanted to create a life with her full of love and adoration. He wanted to make cute babies with her.

After approximately half an hour, the beautiful woman finished her meal and got up to leave. Before she left, though, she gave James one last glance. James knew he had to take his chance now and approach her before she left. But as she walked out through the door, fear kept him frozen in place. He felt inferior and unworthy of such a gorgeous woman.

After five agonizing minutes, however, he finally realized that if he didn’t go after her, it would be a huge mistake. Desperately hoping for the best possible outcome, James ran out of the restaurant in search of her. Luckily, he didn’t have to search for long. He found her standing next to a pine tree as if she knew he would come for her, so she waited for him.

“Hi,” she spoke first, and James caught a glimpse of her shiny halo-white teeth. While James was expecting an awkward conversation, they had the best conversation he had had in a long time. They spoke as if they had been waiting to meet each other for a thousand years. It turned out she also lived close by. That night, they walked hand in hand as James saw her off to her house, and just before she went inside, they shared a passionate tender kiss. Her carmine-pink lips tasted like rose petals.

“I am Miranda,” she said, as if James had forgotten to ask. She whispered to James in a dulcet voice as sweet as any songbird. “Miranda, you are my first kiss. Can we take things slowly and eventually go into a relationship?” James asked with all seriousness, and Miranda agreed. The moment she set her eyes on James at the restaurant, she could tell that he had been through so much. She saw the pain in his eyes and promised herself that she would make him happy if he ever came into her life.

Well, this duo didn’t take things slow as they had initially planned; they just couldn’t. They were passionately in love with each other and couldn’t stay away from one another for long. They began dating shortly after they met, and a few months later, Miranda moved in with James. Even though all he could give her were beautiful clothes and expensive foods once in a while, Miranda appreciated it. Six months into the relationship, James proposed to Miranda, and she accepted.

They got married in the presence of a few friends, but no one believed in the love they shared. Many people believed James was a simpleton working morning and night to feed and clothe his wife while she did nothing but stay at home, combing her long hair and admiring herself in the mirror. “How can you marry such a beautiful woman? Beautiful women aren’t faithful and loyal. She will dump you once she finds a richer man,” James’s friends would scold him. But James ignored them. Sometimes he swore on his father’s grave that Miranda truly loved him and would never leave him.

For a while, James and Miranda were happy together. Unfortunately, their lives took an unexpected turn when the company James worked for went bankrupt, and he was laid off. After a long search, he eventually found another job that paid very little. In order to make ends meet, the couple had to move into a smaller apartment, and James began selling his possessions just so they could keep going. Despite all this hardship, Miranda remained strong and often reassured her husband that everything would be alright.

However, one day she couldn’t hold back her emotions any longer. When James was leaving for work, she asked him for money to buy a new mirror and comb since her former ones had gone bad. Tearfully, she mentioned that she hadn’t been eating good meals either. This demand enraged James. “Can’t you see we’re struggling? I don’t even have decent clothes to wear to my interview tomorrow. I can barely afford to fix my wristwatch. Working morning and night with nothing to show for it is so stressful. Be considerate,” he shouted before storming out of the house.

While at work, James felt bad for screaming at his beloved wife and decided to make it up to her. After closing from work, he sold his bad wristwatch and got his wife a big mirror and comb. Little did he know, a big surprise was awaiting him. When he arrived home, he opened the door and was shocked by what he saw. His wife, although as beautiful as ever, now had very short hair. “What happened to your long hair?” James stuttered. She smiled brightly and replied, “I sold it.

Then she ran into her room and came back with a bag containing an expensive shirt, trousers, and a designer watch for him. She continued, “I sold my hair to get all this so you can wear them to the interview tomorrow. I will do anything for you, even if it means selling my hair or laying down my life. I’ve loved you since the first day we met and always will.” James’s response was a passionate tender kiss. “I love you too,” he whispered as they shared an intimate moment.

Two months later, James received a call that he had gotten the job from the interview he went for. It was a managerial position that came with a big house, a car, and lots of allowances. James was so happy as he broke the news to his wife, and that was when she told him that she was two months pregnant. It was a double celebration. “Miranda, you made all this happen. Tell me anything you want, and I will give it to you,” James said happily. “Your love, I want your love. That’s all I could ever ask for,” Miranda responded and kissed her beloved husband.

This duo proved the naysayers wrong. Their love is a reminder that true love exists and it conquers all. What did you think of this story?

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