Entitled Neighbor Keeps Using Her Yard, She Gets Spectacular Payback

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After years of encounters with the police and more than enough drama to go around, they could finally do something about the person in question. With a grin, she knocked on the door and handed over a piece of paper that would change everything. For years, Emily Swanson and her spouse had been saving up every penny so that one day they could move to Hawaii.

After being careful financially, they finally afforded to rent a beautiful five-bedroom oceanfront house. They felt that they were finally living their dream until they met their neighbor. The first explosion happened after Emily and her husband threw away an old playset.

Tanya, a robust woman with an unhealthy fondness for leopard print and profanity t-shirts, stormed over and bellowed that they had no right to take away her children’s toys. Emily restrained her fury and calmly reminded her of two very important facts: the set was on their property, and the landlord owned it. Then Emily heard the……Read Full Story Here.………..

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