Everyone Laughed at Him For Marrying an 85-year-old Woman. Years Later, They Regretted It a Lot

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“Mua was 25 years old when he married the love of his life, Teresa, an 85-year-old woman. People laughed at him and mocked them, but in time, they showed sincere regret.

The morning of Mua and Thea’s wedding dawned with cheerfulness. The couple eagerly dressed up and hurried to the church, looking forward to seeing each other. For two agonizing days, they had been apart due to the wedding preparations and for custom’s sake, but all of that would soon be in the past.

When Theresa arrived at the church, she looked towards the altar where her groom, Mua, stood proudly in a smart suit. Her heart swelled with love. She still found it unbelievable that a young and energetic man like him would love her so wholeheartedly and be willing to become her husband.Mua held back tears that threatened to spill down his cheeks. How was it that this kind-hearted, caring woman who had seen and experienced so much in…...Read Full Story Here……….

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