Everyone Laughed When He Married This Black Girl. Years Later, They Regretted It!

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When an aspiring actor announces he’s marrying a black girl, everyone laughs, thinking he’s making a huge mistake and will ruin his career. But years later, they deeply regret it when she becomes a household name.

Routina nervously entered the room. She was one of the last to arrive, and everyone turned to look at her as she joined the small group that had been waiting for her. She’d been confident she’d made the right choice, but now looking around at her classmates, she wasn’t so sure anymore. No one smiled or greeted her, apart from one shy-looking guy who avoided making eye contact but had a slight smile on his face.

Jacob was also feeling nervous. He wanted more than anything to be an actor, and he certainly had the talent for it; otherwise, he wouldn’t have made it into the Juliart School. He was taking classes at one of the most prestigious private performing art schools in the……Read Full Story Here………………….

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