Everyone Mocks Poor Old Lady Desperately Selling Flowers until Young Woman Stops By And The Unexpected Took Place

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Geraldine was a reserved old lady who sold flowers on the street every day. She endured insults from people who didn’t like her flowers and from people who generally looked down on her. But one day, consistent acts of kindness from a stranger culminated in a better life for her. Geraldine was a 60-year-old woman who loved gardening. She began selling her flowers on the street every day to try and make more money.

When she stopped people on the road to try and sell her flowers to them, they often ridiculed them for not looking like expensive designer bouquets. Even worse, Geraldine would often be ridiculed by people who thought she was too old to be starting a business.

Why would an old hag like you expect people to buy her flowers?” People laughed as they walked past. This left Geraldine feeling defeated, but she never gave up on trying to sell her flowers every day. One young woman, Kelsey, saw Geraldine every day and always thought she was a……Read Full Story Here………..

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