Ex-Police Dog Keeps Barking At Tree – Police Make Shocking Discovery Inside

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There had never been so many police around this quiet village in Central America. But when ex-police dog Zena wouldn’t stop barking at a tree, things got crazy. Her owner cracked open the tree and found something shocking inside. He called the cops, and they rushed over.

The first officer on the scene was stunned. How could this be happening, especially in a tree? They all had a feeling something was up, but this was unexpected. Soon, there were 20 officers ready to question everyone nearby.

Two forensic experts also showed up to check out what was in the tree. They needed answers fast. Finding clothes, especially a uniform, freaked everyone out the most.

But why was Zena barking at the tree? What did the police find inside, and why was such a big response needed? Jon heard…..Read Full Story Here………

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