Mom Put Baby To Bed. 3 Hours Later, She Hears Loud Scream And Realizes Daughter Is In Danger!

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A young mother puts her daughter to bed, but mere hours later, she hears heart-wrenching screams that tell her something has gone very wrong. When she discovers what has truly happened in the little girl’s room, she’s horrified and heartbroken.

It was early evening and bedtime for the youngest member of the Walmart family, an angel-faced little girl of 17 months, with the same delicate features and soft blonde hair as her pretty mother. But tonight, the little girl had other ideas.

As she planted her little feet firmly in the soft carpet, she pouted defiantly, fixed her mother with a steely blue-eyed gaze, and uttered one single syllable: “No.” This was the word that little Sammy had only recently added to her verbal arsenal, but she had already learned that it could be a very powerful word, a useful word that made people stop and pay attention to her.

Her mother’s face crumpled into a sweet, indulgent smile that was part doting, part exasperated. “Oh yes, my dear little Sammy bear, it’s most definitely time for bed.”

Sammy swayed and, in front of her mother, repeated firmly, “No.” Then the little girl yawned but tried to keep her eyes closed by jamming a hand in front of her mouth. Her mother, Carrie Hall Walmart, shook her head with a smile. “Look who’s yawning.”

“No, Sammy insisted. No yaw.” Carrie changed her tack. “Do you want me to tuck you in?”

“No,” said her daughter. Carrie made her sad face. “You don’t want me to tuck you in?”

Sammy hesitated. She had been tricked into declining something she did want. She looked confused and tried to find a way of getting out of the uncomfortable situation. However, it was all getting too much for Jackson, age three, who was lying on the floor adding randomly colored squiggles to his coloring book.

“No, Mom,” he explained patiently. “Sammy wants you to tuck her in, but she wants you to do it later, not now.”

Carrie gazed at her son fondly. One day, he would be a very special little boy and an awesome brother to Sammy. He was already a real fine-sized little gentleman. “Thank you, honey,” she reassured him. “You know what? I’ll go tuck in Mr. Rabbit. I’m sure he is ready for bed.”

With a wink to her son, Carrie got up and made for the stairs. Sammy’s eyes stayed with her, following her as she ascended each step. She had only gone up a few steps when her daughter called her back.

Carrie paused. “Do you want to help mommy to tuck in Mr. Rabbit?” she asked Sammy. “Maybe you can help me to make sure that he’s nice and warm.”

Little Sammy was quiet for a moment as she thought about it. Then there was a small, almost imperceptible nod, and she did not protest when Carrie picked her up, cuddled her, and carried her up the stairs. Of course, it was very important to make sure that Mr. Rabbit was perfectly comfortable.

Sammy really was a little angel, and Carrie loved her with all her heart. As she wiggled into bed just to keep Mr. Rabbit company, of course, little Sammy was just a normal little girl of 17 months. She was bright and boisterous, and most importantly, she was in perfectly good health. There was nothing wrong with her.

Carrie Hall Walmart kissed her daughter on the forehead. The room was pleasantly cozy as she switched off the bedroom light. She had no idea that she would wake up to screams a few hours later, screams that would make her fear for her baby daughter’s safety.

While Carrie was sleeping, she was awakened by her son Jackson’s cries. She looked at the alarm clock on her bedside table and groaned. Only 3 hours had passed since she’d gone to sleep. Jackson was going through a phase where he often woke up in the middle of the night and begged to join his parents in their bed. She could never say no to him, and as soon as she heard him, she quickly went to his room to pick him up and bring him back.

His tiny body snuggled up against th and she soon went back to sleep. But then her husband woke up.

“Doesn’t feel fair to Sammy,” he simply said when she looked at him with a silent question in her eyes. “I’m going to get her as well, and we can all sleep together.”

Larry’s footsteps were steady on the stairs. He reached the nursery, and a comfortable silence engulfed her as he entered the baby’s room. Then a horrible, blood-curdling scream resonated inside the house. It was a cry of utmost anguish.

Carri Hall Walmart was immediately upright and out of bed. Something was terribly wrong with her daughter. How could she not have known that instinctively, even in bed? How could she have allowed herself to lie there when her baby needed her?

Her husband thundered down the stairs, Sammy lying limp and unresponsive in his arms. She met him halfway.

“What’s wrong, Car?” demanded. “What’s wrong with my baby?”

Then she saw the tear streaking Larry’s face. And after that, she realized that her daughter was not breathing.

“I’m calling 911,” Carrie shouted. “We need to get her breathing!”

She could not understand how she was able to keep it together, to calmly explain to the operator at the other end that her daughter needed an ambulance right away. Because this is what Carrie believed at that terrible moment. Sammy had only stopped breathing a moment ago. If the emergency team got there quickly enough, then maybe they could save her.

Then she took Sammy’s little body from her husband’s arms, cradling her tightly. Sammy was still warm from the bed, she noticed. Actually, she was almost too warm. Did she have a fever? She had not been sick at all the previous evening.

Carri Hall Walmart kissed her daughter’s forehead and stroked the soft blonde hair that was plastered across her face. “She’s gone,” Larry whispered, his voice ragged with grief. “Our little angel, she’s gone.”

“Don’t say that,” Carrie barked. “They can do something. Sammy bear, can you hear me? Sammy bear?”

Her daughter was as still as a doll. She massaged her back gently. Samy had to be okay. She had to start breathing again.

Carri Hall Walmart was still holding her baby when the emergency team arrived. As the first responders examined her daughter’s body, Carrie and her husband had a few quick decisions to make. One parent had to stay at home with Jackson, while the other followed the emergency team to the hospital. And because Carrie was still in pajamas, it made sense that she would stay with their son.

But as she watched them taking little Sammy away, it felt as if a piece of her heart was violently being torn out. Her eyes filled with tears as the realization that Sammy would not be coming back slowly took root. The thought that the next and last time she would see her again would be at her funeral made her feel dizzy.

Sammy was gone, her poor, poor baby. Why had she not woken up in time to save her? When

everyone was gone, Carrie slowly made her way back to the bedroom to check on Jackson. Mercifully, he was still sleeping soundly.

How would she explain to him that he would never see his little sister again? She couldn’t think about that now. She needed to keep herself occupied until Larry came back, or she would crumble. She had already disappointed her daughter. She couldn’t let her son down as well.

So she climbed the stairs to Samy’s nursery. She noticed that it was swelteringly hot and opened the window at once to let some cool air in. Why was it so hot? The crib bed was still in disarray from the moment Samy’s Daddy had lifted her out. Mr. Rabbit had fallen down to lie upside down on the floor. Carrie picked him up, smoothing his fur down. It was a little matted in places from the time Sammy had drooled all over him. She pressed her nose to it, desperate to catch one more whiff of her daughter’s scent.

Irrationally, she wanted to get in the car right now and drive after the ambulance so that she would meet them when they arrived at the emergency room. When Sammy woke up, she would be comforted by the presence of her beloved snuggle bunny. But then, as she smoothed the comforter and put Mr. Rabbit in the center of the crib, there was that jarring reminder that her daughter was gone forever.

Sami bear was a little angel in heaven, perhaps already looking down on her mother. It was impossible to think that she had slept through the death of her baby. How had this happened to her? She was always so attentive, so careful, so attuned to her children’s needs. As soon as she had become a mother, she had tried her best to provide a nourishing and safe environment for her young children.

She bought childcare books and magazines and did her best to follow the advice of experts. She made sure that they played with toys that were both safe and stimulating. She planned meals and activities to promote their health and well-being and educated herself on safety precautions. But unknown to her, somewhere in her daughter’s room lurked a silent killer.

As she sat in her daughter’s nursery, her thoughts turned to sudden infant death syndrome, the mysterious illness that can bring tragedy with the unexpected death of a sleeping baby. She wiped her brow from a bead of sweat, wondering if that’s what had taken her daughter away. However, it struck her now that the room was uncomfortably hot. Earlier, when she held her little girl, she had assumed that she must have come down with a fever. But now, she realized that there could be another explanation for little Sammy’s hot body.

The sound of the heater blasting out more warm air drew her attention. She got up to check the temperature and was utterly shocked by what she saw. It was stuck at 99°F or 37°C. How could that be right? She distinctly remembered setting it the night before at the far more tolerable temperature of 73°F. Since 99°F is the highest level the gadget would show, that meant the temperature in Sammy’s nursery could possibly even have been higher than the 99°F the device showed at the hospital.

Expert medical specialists examined young Sammy Vman’s lifeless body to determine the cause of death. The autopsy confirmed that Sammy had died in her sleep of hypothermia, which is a technical medical term for overheating. As the little girl slept and the heater pushed the nursery’s temperature up to an uncomfortable level, she did not wake up. It was a relief to her parents to know that she had not been in pain when she passed away.

Another small thing to be thankful for was the fact that their older child, Jackson, had not been sleeping on the top floor as he might have been. Jackson, who was 3 years old, was often convinced that there was a monster lying in wait to bite his bare ankles when he slept. That very night, he had anxiously called to his mom mere minutes after being put to bed. He was sure that he had heard the monster slobbering around under the bed as usual. Carrie had relented when her young son asked to sleep with her. It was an enormous relief to know that the one night his childhood fears had possibly saved his life.

Carrie Hall vmer and her husband, Larry, could not have known that a heater malfunction would endanger their beloved little girl and tragically cut short her young life. Young children like Sammy are unable to regulate their body temperature the way adults do. Hypothermia can endanger babies when they are left in warm cars, especially in summer. For an infant to die from a malfunctioning heater, as Sammy did, is not so common, but no less tragic.

Sammy V’s grief-stricken mother is now advocating for parents of young children to use better controls to keep their children safe. If children don’t sleep on the same floor as their parents, it can be more difficult to be aware of the changing environment of the nursery should problems occur. That’s why K Hall Walart urges parents to make sure their baby monitor includes a temperature sensor that accurately keeps track of the temperature in the nursery. This is particularly important for parents with a multiple-story home. No parents should have to experience such a tragic and preventable loss, and that is why the Vits are sharing their story with the media.

Sammy was a beautiful, lively, and loving little girl who had a very special connection with her mother. Her loss leaves a huge gap in the lives of all those who loved her: her mother, Carrie; her father, Larry; and her older brother, Jackson, whose life will surely be that much poorer without his engaging little sibling.

We look upon our home to be the place where we and our children will be safe and cherished, but it is filled with hidden perils, sometimes requiring us to adopt precautions and heed safety warnings. This video shared one such danger, but there might be others that you know of.

Have you had a close call? Have you or your family been endangered by some innocent-seeming gadget or appliance? If you have a similar story about that time when you became aware of a hidden danger in your home, tell us in the comments.

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