Family Adopt a New Dog, When Vet Sees Their World Turned Upside Down

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Family adopts a new dog. When the vet sees it, he calls the cops. Dogs are considered to be man’s best friend and many people have them as pets.

But how would you react if one day you suddenly realized that your dog was something completely different? Soohyun and her family from Yunnan Province in China had been considering adopting a pet dog on one of their holiday trips.

They stumbled upon a cute puppy for sale. Taking just one look, the whole family fell in love and decided to take him home. The seller said the pup was a common breed of dog called Tibetan Mastiff, and the family always thought so until one day they found this on their way back home. The family couldn’t help but think of a name for their new pet. Finally, they decided to call him Little Black. The name may sound funny in English, but in Chinese, it suits the…….Read Full Story Here……….

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