Farmer Finds Eggs Among Crops, He Bursts Into Tears When They Hatch

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Farmer Hans rubbed his eyes. Was he seeing that right? Everywhere, as far as he could see, he saw strange white objects on his farmland. When he checked a few days ago, everything was fine. When he got closer, he realized the white objects were, in fact, hundreds of eggs. Not much later, he heard a strange but familiar noise. They jumped in front of the tractor and refused to move.

They didn’t understand how their father could be so heartless and destroy a living thing like that. To calm down his girls, Hans suggested something else that completely shocked them.

But what suggested Hans, and why did he burst into tears when they finally hatched? But before we start,Being a farmer had always been Hans’s dream, and now that he had made it a reality, nothing could go wrong. Hans has two daughters, Mary and Jaizelle, with his……Read Full Story Here………

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